Monday, November 26, 2012

Western Governments Blame Water Shortages On Too Many People Drinking on Regular Basis

They were supposed to be spending those tax dollars on infrastructure over the past fifty years but instead they threw the money away on vital programs to sew lips to chickens and try to train houseflies to clean up after themselves. Now they're broke, the population has tripled in most places and previous water supplies are entirely inadequate to service the existing demand.

The governments have decided to blame the shortfalls on "too many people requiring water on a daily basis" and "unusual climate change, like for example more than a day without rainfall."

With civilization, you start to fall behind in a few areas or sleep at the wheel for a couple of decades and before you know it, you're in really deep straits.

If you're incompetent at your job, you steer the focus to "conservation." It's not that you can't supply the needs of your taxpayers, you claim that all those needs are exhausting the existing supply of everything. "Conservation" is what you harp on about when you can't build desalinization plants, pebble bed reactors and new dams. That is actually what those tax dollars were supposed to be used for. They blew most of it on new office furniture from IKEA and a rotary condiments tray for the kitchenette. None left for extraneous concerns like drinking water.


hitfan said...

The idiot conservative party has caved in and will perform another round of Hispandering in a desperate bid to hold on to whatever crumbs of power that might get thrown their way:

These geniuses never deigned to consider that the very cheap labor they were so enthusiastic to import might one day turn around and decide to vote for Economic Marxism.

If America were still a first world nation, it might be possible to continue to provide nice things like clean drinking water for everyone.

I throw up my hands at the whole mess. In fact, the large mass of people who make up the white middle class should just collectively demand their gimmedats.

iese_83 said...

Lips for Chickens and trained flies are serious business !!. What would that one Mouse do, without the human ear on it´s back !?. It´s modern alchemy dear Amud, modern alchemy. It´s all part of the "improvement" plan. Don´t you just love it, when a plan comes together. Anyway, this water situation is looking quasi-serious already. Here in my country TPTB have been busy selling our groundwater resources to ..well everyone basically so you maybe able to buy some Aqua in the future, bottled up in the lovely, lovely plastic(that u is not worried about).And btw, do Kwanstanians actually even drink water ?. What do they need water for!. Ps. if i had a bunker, i would buy a water-alkalizer.

deadman said...

From :

Florida Sinkholes are Swallowing Cars: America's Water Crisis (Part 2/3)

- deadman