Monday, November 19, 2012

How Can You Tell When An Idea Is Crazy?

That's easy. If Vault-Co says it long before it is put to a consensus a couple decades down the road, it's crazy talk by a petty bourgeois ranter. If everybody takes a vote and they all declare they have no idea what I am talking about, it is okay to suggest I am motivated purely by mad irrationality. Nobody ever contemplates the notion I could possibly be better at seeing the implications of new information before others do. Impossible. Only scienmagists can do that because they have papers and credentials with ribbons and wax stamps on them which certify they are intellamajent. Until you are certified intellamajent you cannot get credentials to be intellamajent.

Years laters, when an edjamafacated persun sez it, then it's freakin' brilliant.


iese_83 said...

This is how it always is with ppl. It seems their religion, is the Authority. So ergo, it must always be right (it´s the gospel truth) and all others are Heretics and probably dumb / evil...blaa blaa blaaa.

styrac said...

The idea that intelligence arose out of the necessity for survival like tool making and providing shelter is wrong. Intelligence in humans is due to the development of religious/abstract thinking (much like the Neanderthals displayed) and has little to do with utilitarian purposes. The article merely rehashes the dominant Darwinian nonsense and consensus and tries to attribute the decline in intelligence according to this strict doctrine when the causes for this decline should be searched elsewhere. Darwinists are much like Freudians. They attribute everything down to a single cause and leave no room for anything else.

Texas Arcane said...

Styrac -

The central theme I have pursued is that the Neanderthal learned to dream with his eyes open while keeping the watch after the sun went down ... and everything else followed. In time his whole culture and worldview was built around this special ability he possessed to dream even when he wasn't sleeping.