Tuesday, November 20, 2012

De Facto Civil War Already Started In Kwa

Third World Palace Coup Ready To Start Handing Out Spoils of Conquest

It doesn't matter where this happens, the same thing follows ... people throw furniture out the windows to the mob below as payment for supporting the "winning" side of the Bongo Party revolution. They then have a wild bonfire, some people break into the palace pantry and they all dance around the flames laughing, drinking and eating merrily. The next day they all starve and die. This cycle is repeated over and over again for the last couple of centuries all over the world. It is what third world countries call "progress."

Obama is going to pay his loyal quislings in ZOGBux until that paper collapses to reach par with bird cage liner in exchange value, which will probably occur at some point in the next fifteen minutes.

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Garry Joe said...

There is nothing deceptive about Obama at all. He hates Whites and he wants everyone to know it.