Monday, November 19, 2012

Chemotherapy Kills

Scientists know it for a fact, doctors could care less. It's a windfall. Getting a cancer patient is something you build your retirement on. It is a chance to turn an illness into a fatality and no doctor passes up the chance to put his patient into the slalom/shalom of death. It is a license to print money if you're in a nationalized health care system.


Garry Joe said...

Who would have thought that injecting radioactive poisons into a person's bloodstream, would be bad for their health? DUH... It is exactly like The Institution of Bloodletting, all over again.

Bob Whitaker taught me to understand that "intellectuals" and "institutions", aren't very clever at all. In fact, they may be the stupidest things on planet Earth.

"Stupid is as stupid does."
- Forrest Gump

"When you are talking to a Doctor, you are talking to his Lawyer"
- Bob Whitaker

Dave, RN said...

What really is sick is this whole "support" for cancer patient stuff. I mean really, to show support you have to shave your head and look like a cancer victim? It's just sick.

There are MANY more examples of this sick practice. It was highlighted on the news here locally recently.

Wanna show support? Tell someone who doesn't have cancer to at the very least make sure they supplement vitamin D3 to get your level to at least 60ng/ml

styrac said...

Your blood type and what it means:

ray said...

torture folks and get paid for it! whooooohoooooo!

and everybody loves you no less! youre a hero, there in yr fine authoritative white coat, being all scientific and professional, experting all over the place

just a few more toxins will kill the evil in you, trust us...

billions upon billions roll in, decade after decade, while my brothers live (and die) in the streets

where is my cure?
where is my cure?
where is my fucking cure?

its a lie, and so is chemotherapy, there is no cure and poison just makes you more poisoned

WE are the cancer, and God's got the cure for US, too


Texas Arcane said...

"Tell someone who doesn't have cancer to at the very least make sure they supplement vitamin D3 to get your level to at least 60ng/ml"

Medicine that actually works. You would lose your license.

Dun Mor said...

Intelligence peaked thousands of years ago? where have i heard that before....

Bob said...

i bought another tub of Vitamin D3 recently. it seems to be only marketed as a bone health improver and for those who do not receive enough sunlight. this is the reason as per your suggestion Tex that people have to be told of its true benefits.