Monday, November 26, 2012

Cervical Cancer Soon To Be Mandatory For Girls

UPDATE : Die Young & Leave A Good Looking Corpse With Vaccines

UPDATE : Breast-Choppers International & Their F*gging Mammograms Keep your womanhood away from doctors if you want to keep it! These pigs hate females and their God-given reproductive capacity!

Gardasil is a medical biohazard and permanent crippling compound designed to be injected into young women as they enter their fertile years.

Wait, you're thinking, you'll just opt out for your daughter - except the televitz and mediavitzim are nattering noisily in a campaign to make it mandatory.

People can opt out. Barnyard stock cannot opt out of what is "best" for them. So they will get whatever injection-of-the-week they can pull out of a spinning carousel and stick into your children's veins. What's next on the wheel of bio-fun? Autism, cancer, asthma, brain damage? Nobody knows! It's a crazy cornucopia of medical laughs!! No shortage of patients with serious illnesses and they are making more of them by the hour! Take your death poke or lose your job!!

A familiar experience to me as an independent contractor over the past thirty years is that I will be one of the few staff members nobody offers the "free" flu vaccination to provided by the company. When a new flu arrives, you can usually spot me sitting in my little cubicle on a largely empty floor typing away on my computer with 90% of all staff at home sick. It is great, I love when this happens, I can post to my blog on Vault-Co and don't have to pretend to be doing work like the usual suspects when they are there during the day. Except for me, all of them would have taken the "flu shot" that would "protect" them from getting ill. Man is not a learning animal.

If they can't nail you dead with one of their fix-it genocide injectors, they'll get you sooner or later because you'll have to eat at some point. Useless eater terminated.


Amy Haines said...

I refused the flu vaccine for my oldest child the other day. The doc was OK with it but when his nurse came in to give me some paperwork, she started to lecture on how prevention is cure, flu is deadly...blah blah.

This same child was in daycare for about 9 months when she was 1YO and my state made the flu vaccine mandatory that year (since rescinded). This was the year H1N1 was supposed to come and kill us all. Poor kid was so sick after just one shot of the THREE that were supposed to make up the course of vaccination, I never took her back for the rest of the shots and told her daycare I was declaring religious exemption from vaccinating her (legal in my state with a signed letter from a priest).

Will never, ever get a flu shot for myself or my kids. My MIL gets one every year and gets sick for two weeks - why does she keep going back? She swallowed the whole immunity thing hook, line, and sinker.

My daughters are not getting Gardasil when they reach that age, either, and my son...I am thinking of refusing further vaccinations for him. The new combo stacks they give kids means 4-5 diseases worth of "immunity" in one shot. I worry for his health and sanity. This stuff can't have been properly safety tested - how? It's considered unethical to test on human subjects or to pay them to be tested, so instead we get a program of "let's give it to them and see what happens" with our kids as the guinea pigs.

Is it still paranoia if you're not wrong about them being out to get you?

theepilgrim said...

You often like to compare the average person to cattle, and I would like to take issue with that comparison; even cattle are smart enough to sense a coming storm and take shelter.

Dave, RN said...

I am an RN and never take the flu shot. They know better than to ask me too. I don't get sick either.
Keep your D3 level up to 60ng/ml if not more. Keep your hands washed and keep them away from your face. And don't eat the People Chow that the sheeple all eat, and instead eat grass fed beef, soups from bone broth made from beef and pastured chicken bones and vegetables that you grow yourself.

Garry Joe said...

Angus T. Jones of 'Two and a Half Men': My show is 'filth'

YKW must be fuming.

Mex Arcane said...

And so it begins...