Thursday, November 29, 2012

Australia Bans Miracle Solutions And Innovation

It makes too much sense, is too cheap and literally turns wastewater into fresh abundant food.

Sounds incredible so of course the bureaucrats who run Australia are not having any of it.


Peter M said...

I read the entire article and couldn't see any mention of banning

Chris from Sydney said...

Today's 'banning' involves flushing something down the memory hole.

You will never hear of this project again. EVER.

It's similar to how we allegedy have 'freedom of speech' but have to sit through 'equity and diversity' training (indoctrination) at work.

There's 'freedom of speech' but if you oppose 3rd Worlders comming to White couintries it's 'hate speech' and you lose your job.

Get with the times Peter M, the technology was banned, only in a way that nobody will ever kick up a fuss....