Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Really Good Article About Civilization

All successful systems result from the introduction of controlled anarchy

That's what free market systems are. They represent a form of risk taking where the real risk is minimal compared to the enormous gains possible in prosperity, quality of life and advancements in science and industry as well as private life.

Socialists are people who simply do not have the native intelligence to comprehend how all this works. Like a person suffering from senility, they need to reduce the number of factors that cannot be controlled to a tiny subset in order to achieve a feeling of security. They cannot comprehend how things can be quite orderly, conservative and progressively improving in the absence of central control by a "big boss" overseeing it all and telling people what they should do next.

Imagining a free nation as a fuzzy logic supercomputer where free men make mistakes and take small risks is well outside the capacity of those tiny shrunken damaged amygdalas inside their brains. They can't understand how wealth and success can emerge from errors and self-correction.

The socialist is a like a retarded person who is afraid of wide open spaces and voices coming from places they cannot see line-of-sight. This is why the Bolshevists shrunk the map of Russia as soon as they seized power. They didn't like the idea of Russia being so colossal it was obviously outside the ability of the State to control everything that happened inside it. Big things going on outside the grasp of their infantile hands are frightening and disturbing to them. The communist and socialist just want everybody around them to be quiet so they can concentrate and then tell everybody what they should be doing to "fix everything." As if humans would need such people to tell them anything at all.

The "left" is nothing but a polite, tactful political expression for a kind of localized and sometimes global brain damage. That's all. It took me fifty years and the help of a few other truly insightful thinkers to realize this. They are the enemies of human freedom from the day that they are born, with the exception of their own. This is why it is so important to them to destroy any laws which restrict impulse gratification at any time, in any place. They call this "freedom," but the men who wrote the Constitution called it slavery to passing impulses. The left won't be happy until all speech and thought is heavily restricted but they can masturbate in public places without fear of repercussion. This is what "freedom" means to these creatures.

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Amy Haines said...

And you posted this on National Transgendered Remembrance Day! Didn't you know they are one the most vulnerable populations?

Completely overlooks aborted children who have no recourse to hide from their murderous mothers.

Anecdote: last night my husband took his laptop back to one of those big-name chain stores for repair. We bought an extended warranty and the keyboard pooped out so we want it replaced. The clerk was more excited to talk about going to see Lady Gaga than help us, but eventually he got around to it. Talk about a weak, indecisive, easily bemused individual. After it took 20 minutes for him to acknowledge us, he spent 25 minutes filling out two pieces of paper and telling my husband over and over "it might cost $60, are you sure you don't want a phone call before we fix it?" ???? we took it there to be fixed. We'd rather not spend another $400 on a laptop - super simple math and this guy was so afraid of consequences he wouldn't commit to the repair order. It's happening in levels petty and grand all around me.

I worked in private industry, for a nonprofit gov't contract thinktank, and as a public school teacher. The level of handwringing over simple decisions at each place went roughly like this: none, some, constant. Drove me batty and stifled every impulse I had.

The school was the worst. The Superintendent had grand plans to change the paradigm and asked us all to be "willing to be disturbed." We were instructed to read Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat and I had to clench my jaw through meeting after meeting as non-changing changes were proposed. I could see how the dumbing down was going to occur and could say nothing, I was a voice in the wilderness. I check in on that school from time to time. In the three years since I left, their test scores have dropped and they are sending fewer kids to top-tier unis and more to community college. The schadenfreude is strong in me.