Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Homo Sapiens Is Dysgenic Product

You don't understand how coupling works in Saps unless you understand this.

High quality, high investment males like the Neanderthal are exactly like a porcupine in a balloon factory in the modern era. Females as a whole need quality males in Saps society like a fish needs a bicycle, literally. This isn't even the way sexuality works in Sapiens.

A very disturbing and very accurate explanation of where genetics has been going in Homo Sapiens for a long time.

A Neanderthal never needs many women. They always need just one woman, hopefully the right one. The entire social structure of Homo Sapiens works against quality and you can't argue with the results - declining brain volume for the past 20,000 years.

Neanderthal brain mass and quality has no place in the Sapiens gene pool. It is a permanent outlier status selected against by the very nature of the beast. It is an anomaly shortly to fade away under simple selection strategies.

Originally the entire framework of Neanderthal society was utterly different from all this. Females developed fine shades of discrimination to discern the best males and sent the remainder on the long walk at maturity. The criteria they used was the opposite in every way from the Homo Sapiens female, who is largely a product of socially sanctioned rape much as the original Neanderthal females were introduced into this gene pool.

Just as we mentioned in a much earlier post, the most beautiful and intelligent Homo Sapiens females have always been selected against by the monstrous nature of the larger social group around them.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

I feel almost bad for yall Anglo-men. These "wigged mules" (to paraphrase Tex) of your´s seem to be really really ill nowdays. And needless to say when your gals are batsheet crazyyy "that way lies damnation" to quote Bill the Butcher.

Ps. Bill is a great character, but sadly and ironically portrayed by a Yehudi.

styrac said...

This is why I laugh at game followers who seek validation of themselves in having sexual relationships with as many women as possible. Being unfamiliar with the Classics (where the essential nature of woman is revealed - and is the reason why post-modernists "deconstructed" these texts) they fail to realize that a (Homo Sapiens) woman does not select partners according to their good character, virtue or intellectual ability, ie the qualities a man values most about himself and believes that by putting them on display will make it easier to attract a partner, but her selection is triggered by evolutionary principles and mechanical contingencies that in most cases men are completely unaware of and are totally irrelevant to what you are or want to be as a person.

Men should provide their own validation by being successful in their own pursuits and goals, whatever these may be, and not look up to the one who is the least equipped by nature to provide it.

Garry Joe said...

Merlin Miller, A3P Presidential Candidate

styrac said...

Texas Arcane said...

Wow, it is starting to sound like science fiction just trying to explain where Homo Saps comes from. He looks like a bunch of genes including some non-human thrown into a blender.

Instead we get these ever-more-convoluted explanations, where an African ran 2000 miles had sex with a Neanderthal, a rhesus monkey and a starfish, then ran 5000 miles and gave birth in Asia and began a long term relationship with an orangutang.

That .... or Oannes just whipped them up for the Melonheads to destroy the children of Enkidu.