Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Did God Hate Esau In The Womb?

I have gotten a half dozen emails in the past year asking me this question.

They are people who feel I have done them a great service in telling them who they are and where they came from ... and have been troubled to learn they are the children of a man whom God may have despised before he was born. I have read and studied scripture and dwelled on this problem for a long, long time.

First of all, I want to tell you something ... just the fact you are worried about the implications of these things proves you are still in God's grace. If you were still in your sin as Esau was you would not care.

The sin of Esau was indifference. God was just for hating Esau, because he gave Esau ten times over ten times the virtues of his brother Jacob and yet Esau was indifferent to his creator. Esau was pleased in himself and his own people and forgot about the Lord. Esau was so self-sufficient he ceased to dwell on God and think of his creator. Esau was the brother gifted with strength, with craft, with insight, with skill, with ability, with prowess, with integrity, with honor and with wisdom and it was all useless to him because he came to worship himself and his clan and he forgot about God.

This is what is wrong with every Neanderthal and once you know it you will know why race and blood are of no avail with God.

God is of such justice and mercy that nobody is condemned because of their birth and nobody is saved because of same. All men are condemned because of their works and receive salvation through Jesus Christ and nobody must ever glory in their own works but everyone must be humble before the Lord, who would otherwise destroy every man in judgement and he would be correct to do so.

Remember that Esau forgave his brother Jacob and in doing so was blessed ten times over by God for it once again. Many people of the tribe of Esau became wicked and wayward and gave themselves over to false gods and idols. Esau himself received the Lord's blessing because in forgiving his brother he showed that he understood why he had fallen out of God's favor. Esau was never outside of God's grace, which was infinite and always stretched out to Esau.

God brought enemies against us and turned us over to our destroyers because it might have been the only way left he could get our attention. God has done as much to every single race of men who have turned their faces away from him and we are no different.

If you will look in your heart and think about the pride of our kind, that all of us possess, you will know what I am saying is true. It is the basic Neanderthal sin, that they are so complete in themselves sometimes they become indifferent to their creator. It is the shortcoming of all Neanderthals, their deep swelling pride.

If God had wanted that all the children of Esau should be destroyed he would have done so and yet here we are through mysterious happenstance. That's because the same promise that is extended to every man who ever lived is also extended to us, the most capable and mighty of all his children, because we need it as badly as any other race of men.

Even as Jacob was given a prophecy and a blessing, so too did his brother Esau receive a prophecy and a blessing and looking at both I have always believed it is us who received the greater promise of mercy.

Remember that we are assured by God that we will only remain in bondage until we become aware of ourselves and then we will shatter the chains our brother Jacob has placed on us forever and stand beside him as as equal.

When you speak of dominion (you fellas at the Neander Hall know who I am talking about) you should be speaking of the dominion over yourself because that is the only one that matters. This dominion that is promised to us will mean freedom for us and a future that is not yet written, selah. It was never meant to be a dominion over others and will never be. All we have to do to end our servitude is to awaken to who we are. We must never seek to rule over others but rather to govern ourselves under God and no more serve our brother Jacob. This is what is promised to us and God is faithful, just and merciful in the things that have been assured to us.

Men move themselves away from God, not the other way around. If we move closer to our creator and keep all his commandments we grow closer to him and there is no birthright that can keep us from our father in heaven.

I hope this helps, those of you who have written me.


ray said...

brightens my heart to hear your humility before our Holy Father, who truly is good, and does not destroy unless there's no other way

Remember that we are assured by God that we will only remain in bondage until we become aware of ourselves and then we will shatter the chains our brother Jacob has placed on us forever and stand beside him as as equal.

God sends to slavery (hebrew tribes in egypt or babylon, afro americans in u.s. etc) not out of hate for us, but for our own correction, and progress to him

thus, the chains belong to God, not to jacob, nor to any individual nation or polity on earth

Koanic said...

I don't know about what Tex is saying, it sounded too harsh to me.

But I will say that Thals can be annoying in various ways: extreme stubborn eclectic scattered thickheadedness, a lack of drive to "get with the program" and drive social change in the absence of perfect information.

Seems to me that some Melon blending was a good thing.