Sunday, October 7, 2012

When Enrichmentation Is Complete

Then everything gets enrichmentated.

This curious individual wants to know why Detroit is Hell on Earth. That question is not a tough brain-teaser to solve. It is not a logical Rubik's Cube.

You show me the same demographics anywhere on the planet, I'll show you Detroit.

 If percentages match then the appearance will match. It could be in any nation, any country, any land mass, resource rich or resource poor it doesn't matter. It will look exactly like this. Sorry if the truth hurts but reality is a profiler.

Be glad of the color of your skin, brother, because if it was different then it would all be your fault regardless of the evidence. You would be blamed for what color you were which according to you is the problem. There is only one political viewport permitted here and that is that whites have failed these people in some way. Whitey ain't God but we are held responsible for everything that happens like we were.

Here's a white guy living nearby who has somehow magically changed it into a little corner of heaven on Earth and a green oasis. Curious, that. One could draw a conclusion here if one were much brighter than a shiny red button.


Rowan said...

Bet that white guy sleeps in the bathtub 'I am Legend' style while 'they' come out at night.

Ave said...

Rowan, he has four Rottweilers, I think it's the neighbours (seven miles away) who sleep in their bathtubs).

BTW, I also thought about a small "piece of heaven" when looking at his place. Especially when he watches the sunset.

It would be interesting to know more about him, because it's people like him who are going to jumpstart a civilised way of life once "civilisation" has collapsed.

I think he's making some money with slavaged parts for cars and machinery (hence the computer).

Lugh said...

James Carvile is White, but is he human? I was watching him today and his alieness stuck me as usual. His forehead is very low but his head isn't small - it goes back along way.

I always thought of him as elven, but is he some kind of Melon Head? Perhaps there were different races of them. And are the elves a racial memory of these vanished (are they?) people?

lysander said...

What is wrong with Detroit? The same thing that is wrong with East St. Louis; Gary, Indiana; Camden, NJ; Bridgeport, CT; and countless other cities....the negro infestation has destroyed them. The list is long and sad. Wonderful cities built by Whites are destroyed by blacks. It's as simple as that.

Apparently it's so bad that even relatively intelligent Negroes are becoming aware of this fact, but they do not have the sufficient smarts to connect the dots.

lysander said...

The Negro is a beast. It's not a human being. It's a facsimile of a human being. God created White people, you can guess who created the dark races.

But you only get one guess. :)

So it only follows that Negroes will act like chimps and shit on any place they occupy.

Texas Arcane said...

Lugh -

Have suggested this to Koanic, I don't know if he puts any stock in it.

Was there a caste system amongst melonheads? Scribes, accountants, foremen, envoys? Forbidden to breed with those outside their caste, much less any of the slave races or the Neanderthals. This would explain why you have peculiar and consistent "looks" in many of them. Skull volume bigger than average but a peculiar shape developed by a narrow caste system that perhaps endured for a million years.

There's some evidence for this on the walls of india where the different castes are depicted.

Of course, with human sexuality, these caste systems break down in places sooner or later no matter even if the death penalty applies.

Texas Arcane said...

Lugh -

I forgot to add the other strong argument for this "caste" theory.

If various castes were scattered about, it explains why skull modification was so popular amongst the lower classes. Who was to say you couldn't take your child to a new place when they were full grown and pass them off as a melonhead in full standing? If you could pull this off you could transfer your child into the upper class from the caste they were born into with the right props and credentials. Perhaps a melonhead midwife could be bribed to say they were present at the birth.

It worked for Barack Obama!

Andrew said...

Keep Obama in President, he gave us a phone!

Lugh said...

I was thinking of Carville more as the Melonhead equivalent of a Negro or Abo. Dumb and small brained by their standards, but not by our's.

Also could the different shape of the melonhead's head indicate that some part of their brains were much bigger than our's while others parts not or not so much; indicative of a different kind of intelligence than we have perhaps?

Traditional phrenology attributed the very high forehead as indicative of high IQ. Ramses had this while Carville does not. So what kind of intelligence would he have with his long in the back head? Ordinary people have neither of course.

Texas Arcane said...

Lugh -

Yes and yes.

Notice that where the frontal lobes would normally go on a human, James Carville has just air.

Carville looks like a blend between a Mousterian and a melonhead. Pure brainpower, no universal empathy, all cunning and pragmatism. This guy will always be many steps ahead of puny Sapiens.

oafus said...

Carville is one ugly motherfucker.

Cleve, can you explain Mousterians in greater depth? I'm not clear on their archeological record and the differences between them and the Amud.

Texas Arcane said...

oafus, I can.

Three species of Neanderthal lived in Europe together right up until as recently as 20,000 years ago. It appears the earliest and hardiest version, the Mousterian, survived the genocides that wiped out the Denisovian and the Amud until very recent times in the Levant of the Middle East.

These three species of Neanderthals looked so radically different that some anthropologists have suggested the distance between the Mousterian and the Amud was greater than the distance from the Amud to Cro-Magnon.

The Mousterian had a stronger brow and cheekbones. He had a huge occipital bun which probably stored enormous amounts of information and principle. You might call it almost a Talmudic skull. The Mousterian had smaller frontal lobes than Homo Sapiens and certainly the Amud. His forehead sloped back. The Mousterians almost certainly lacked the understanding of universal moral codes and was likely very law abiding and driven by ritual but he was likely not fond of anyone else outside his in-group. The Mousterian was slightly shorter than Homo Sapiens and the Amud. There is much more about Mousterians to tell but this is the gist of it.

The Denisovians were obviously a product of interbreeding with Cro-Magnon. They still had very strong features but were taller and just as muscular as the Mousterian. Their bones were also very dense like with all Neanderthals. There is greater evidence of creativity and abstract thought amongst them. The best kept secret of the first cave of the Denisovians was that scientists found clear evidence of pottery and kept it a secret for decades because pottery was supposed to be a recent invention. The Denisovians had larger frontal lobes than the Mousterians but not as big as those of Homo Sapiens and it is likely that they too only knew of "right" and "wrong" as ways you treated your own kind and ways you treated strangers. There is plenty more about Denisovians but the gist is they were more gracilized and closer to Homo Sapiens than the Mousterian by far as well as around the same heighth as Sapiens.

Finally, The Amud, the secret race of Neanderthal you are not supposed to know about. More gracilized than humans themselves. Much larger brains than humans at 1800cc-2000cc. Much larger frontal lobes, large foreheads, broad shelf to jaw, still a ridge in back of their head left over from the occipital bun. Rather than square jawed like Cro-Magnon they tended more to androgenous chins between males and females. All anthropologists will tell you after a few beers these were a damn fine looking race of people, averaging from 6'2 to 6'8 with great consistency. Here's an important thing, too. All agreed that symmetry was amazing in males and females, the product of 100s of thousands of years of selective breeding for physical appearance. They would have considered the Mousterian quite ugly compared to their race but there is some evidence they treated them like odd uncles they visited once in a while. The Amud had it all and that's just what they admit to. Elaborate funerals, super-sci-fi throwing weapons, surrounded by domesticated animals particularly the dog, makeup, jewelry, painting, trade, conglomerate regions with councils, shared game reserves. I could go on and on but there is a limit on the text buffer here.

The Amud were the most social of all the Neanderthals and there is evidence they were starting to exchange goods with other far-off tribes of Amuds.

The Denisovians survived the horrific genocide of the Amud for a while by retreating very far back into the world. How the Mousterian survived, nobody is quite sure, it could have been by crossing the seas to escape. It could have been that nobody sought to genocide the Mousterians because they were too crude and unorganized to have posed the threat that people could have seen in the Amud on the horizon. That's my theory.

Texas Arcane said...

I believe the Mousterians saw which way the wind was blowing and migrated out of Europe and unlike the Amud, nobody gave pursuit because they were just not as formidable as the Amud.

I see the sudden teleportation of hundreds of thousands of Saps/Magnons to the southern tip of Europe to be directly related to the growing sophistication of the Amud. It's all just a bit too coincidental that just as they seem poised to become almost a new race, suddenly the perfect facile custom engineered regimented Neanderthal-killer zombie race appears marching through Europe. Convenient, that.

oafus said...

thanks cleve that's all i wanted and more. i have a lot of questions which i hope to get to shortly.