Friday, October 19, 2012

Western World Is A Madhouse For Doomed Souls

The Kwanstain is just about done. Time to return it to prairie land.

Everything in it and about it smacks of a lunatic asylum where the patients run free. The Kwans call this a sign of their enlightenment and the coming world paradise. The Founding Fathers would conclude the country is best cleaned up and evacuated so that nature can recover it one street at a time. They did not create the United States so it could turn into this horrible thing.

For the sake of the children, the Kwa is best abandoned back to the wilderness. It will be a cleaner and prettier place without all those Kwanstainians ruining the view. They had their shot, they have failed to maintain it and should now surrender it all back to the forces of nature. They should leave it as they found it two hundred years ago.

The absolute sickness of having a "President" with no legal social security number is beyond the final decadence of the Roman Empire. It is mass insanity on a colossal scale.

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PrairieSage07 said...

A good reason to have a nice shelter and a supply of food. When SHTF... hunker down for a year or two and let the system self-destruct.

Personally I have enough wood scraps boxed and stored for my rocket cookstove to last almost 4 years. By that time the farmland surrounding me should be startign to turn wild again.