Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vault-OS : 79K-92K on Windows, Linux & DOS

I've been too busy working on my game to spare much time on Vault-OS lately. About a week ago I had a brainstorm on the weekend and did a solid 3 hours on it nonstop. After being away from it for a while (this is always the case with software development) I suddenly realized I could cut 50% of the code out of the web server and use all plugin technology with a few small changes to the architecture. It is like I was struck by a bolt of lightning for a few hours and I rapidly tightened the entire codebase up.

I now have pages broken off into individual files with the postfix ".VOS" that run server side includes. This was always the best way to approach this problem but I had to get away from it for a while to figure out how to design it abstractly.

After a long time of pursuing this approach I have now decided against mailslots. It involves too many processes. I compiled the script processor into the executable along with everything else for reading sensors for I2C, CANBUS, MODBUS and LPT Relays from a thread inside the program instead of running as a separate process on the same computer.

The display you see above compiles and runs on Windows, Linux and DOS with the Watcom compiler. I can add plugins to this server that support Telnet, FTP and UDP/Json but they are all run-time discovery and optional. If they don't exist they are not used.

This is pretty impressive stuff I have working in a tiny executable but it is still not what you would call a real application. I would still describe it as an advanced alpha prototype. The concepts used are very sound. It is a pretty amazing program with multiuser inventory, personnel and scheduling running from one executable over a network or localhost browser anywhere.

I will work on it as time permits and I sincerely hope I can give people a version before the end of the year. The will is there it is just that the time is lacking. I am launching a campaign on IndieGoGo soon and all my time has been taken up by this project lately.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

You are an interesting man, Arcane. And excuse my stupidity, but since i havent been following all the way from the beginning ; you are working on somesort of a universal Operating System for them bunkers? Good luck.

Ps. Felix´s jump attempt #1=Fail maybe tomorrow.
Soon they´ll send a chimp up there. Again. Or start an other war somewhere, that a safer bet.

Texas Arcane said...

Universal, mate. That travels on a floppy. Literally a batcave in a box.

The idea is you can find any x86 computer and run this program on it, you have instant networked multiuser system for managing all aspects of a shelter and monitoring and controlling all systems within it.

Sound crazy? I been working on it a long time and it has been through many permutations. The original was written in VB-DOS, then I had a Java version for about two years, then something Borland C++ Builder, then .NET. Now I have had roughly the same code base in C since 2008 and I think this is going to be the single greatest software application I have ever written.

I dreamed of plugin services and cross platform but only learned how to do it in the last year. You can actually write and utilize DLLs under Causeway in DOS, did you know that? That's some pretty obscure stuff right there.

I am sure most people think I am full of crap but it's just another thing I am going to finish someday soon and blow people's doors off when they see it. They're going to think, how in the hell did that guy squeeze all that into that little program?

Matthew Richter said...

Impressive Tex, I remember the last teaser you released way back when, I had to go searching for two .lib files to compile it though. I'm no expert but would it not be better if Vault-OS was stashed on an EPROM hard wired to a USB interface. floppy disks are not very reliable especially if you are rummaging though a post apocalypse city looking for a functional x86 unit, for those that do not have vaults that is..

Texas Arcane said...

The "floppy" bit is just an expression. I am certain nowadays most people would store it on USB.

One great idea would be to store a small version of Linux or Windows Portable OS on a USB with the Vault-OS server that autoboots and runs the server, literally plug to play.

eumaios said...

Raspberry Pi + a flash drive?

Texas Arcane said...

eumaios -

That would be perfect.

If I ever do a crowdfunding campaign for Vault-OS I will probably make the reward a fully loaded mini x86 device like the Raspberry ready to start running a vault with a single USB and 12 volt power supply.