Saturday, October 27, 2012

The 'Stain Is A Land of Decline and Fail

As Nietszche said in THUS SPAKE ZARATHRUSTRA, the last man blinks and squints and he says to anyone who will listen ... "formerly the whole world before us was mad."

No, actually it is just your generation that is mad.

Kwans have grown up being told they are extra-special and all winners. The ugly truth is that a majority of them read and write at a 2nd or 3rd grade level at best. They are like big, fat children with no adulthood to look forward to. This is their adulthood. This sordid record of fail is their lives. This generation has truly proven itself unworthy to stand on American soil. It doesn't take much to show yourself an American but they have failed at this miserably. Just knowing what the Constitution says and what a Republic is would be a good start.

Really dumb people never admit to what they don't know. They can't afford to. Thermal drones that can see inside your home and monitor you around the clock? Sure, what's wrong with that? I have an edjamafacashun and if you have not done anything wrong what is to worry about?

I would never want to return to this country under any circumstances. It shames me to see it like this. It is like a naked bearded lady passed out drunk in the street after having crapped herself. It is really appalling. Most of them don't even have the sense to know how bad it all looks, what they have done to themselves.

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