Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seen This?

I saw it tonight. I have no comment. First thirty seconds, I did not quite register what was going on because it seemed surreal. I'm not going to point out similarity to video that follows, I'll just link to it.

Why? Obvious this movie was suppressed because it wasn't 500 years in the future.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

K. Compare the guy hating his huevos, to Mozart Symphony n.40, building the old European Architecture, Maybe even building the Kwa, landin on the moon. ...I mean what happened ?? Huh? Did ur brain fall off. Thats quite the contrast. But that horse-head-hat is pretty nice anyway. Although i dont know when or where i would wear it.

thor5500 said...

Yes, and immediately made the connection with Idiocracy. Sickening.

I just discovered you blog and spent the last few days reading most of your archived posts over the last few years. Still working to understand pieces, but I've learned a lot so far. Thanks for all the work.

2 questions:
1) Are there any books or other sources of reading/learning you'd recommend? I've already started digging through NASA's observation data and was shocked at what I found. Looking for more.

2) What email address can I reach you by?

thor5500 said...

Yes, immediately thought of Idiocracy. Sickening.

Just discovered your blog, and spent the last few days reading through all your back posts.

Two questions:
1) Are there any books/resources you can recommend for learning more about thals, sun, etc? I've been digging through NASA's solar data sets, very interesting finds.

2) Do you have an email address I can reach you at?

mojo said...

Yes, the slate needs wiped clean. I'm not ready but I don't even care, just get me out of this madhouse.

Texas Arcane said...

Thor5500 -

The only really good book I have ever read that summarizes most of the information on magnetic reversal is Robert Felix's book on the subject. You will see a link to his site on the right of the blog under ICE AGE NOW. Find the sub-blog off his site on MAGNETIC REVERSALS.

My son read his book recently and we both agreed it was beyond awesome. Sort of illuminates the fossil evidence once you have read it. Truly helps fill in the gaps in the evolutionary record with an explanation of why there are very few transient forms.

oafus said...

cleve, what do you think of eric trinkaus' work on thals? is his "the neanderthals" work getting?

oafus said...

is this your inspiration for the "melonheads" idea?

Texas Arcane said...

Oafus -

Trinkhaus has much to say that is useful but like all academics in the end he is never going to draw any conclusions that might upset the apple cart.

For example, his classic "HARD TIMES AMONG THE NEANDERTHALS" monograph was very easily debunked by the evidence itself. The women who dug those bones up herself said that she saw no evidence of cannibalism.

Trinkhaus thought the Neanderthals were eating their elders in a famine. He doesn't understand how insane the Neanderthals were about family and funerals. Even in the midst of a famine the Neanderthals were dragging a gigantic sled of bones around trying to put them through burial practices before internment as they had done for millennia. They didn't care how hard times got they had their dignity in the way their people were buried.

I have drawn my ideas about the melonheads from thousands upon thousands of different influences and books. I do not believe that melonheads were aliens or from another planet. I think they were humans with bigger skull volumes and much smarter than the rest of us.

oafus said...

So if I were to read, say, 2000 pages to get the best possible introductory understanding of Neanderthals, what books and articles would you recommend?