Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Keepers Are Monsters From Hell

Savile had carte blanche to wade through hospitals of spinal patient teenagers molesting them at will, after hours and behind locked doors. He had keys to disabled girls bedrooms in hospitals, for God's sake!!!

The reason they watched Savile's back for him is because they are all pedophiles, every single one of them.

Wait, they can't all be pedophiles. Thank god for Ronald Reagan and family values. Just words they use to lull you to sleep, rube.

Every good man who tried to report him met a wall of silence backed by power and authority. How much do you want to bet Savile was grooming the girls and passing them on once they were broken in? I guarantee you Savile was seeing which girls could have their spirits broken and turned over to other men in the BBC for even worse.

This is what your leaders think your daughters are good for, Englishmen. They are good for whores to satisfy the perverse desires of the sick bastards who run your country. They've been telling the police to drop the case going back to 1958 and probably much earlier. Notice the apologists always running defense for this guy even now. "Let's look at the good things he did." Why would we want to do that, as if anything he ever did was good? I see a trail of suicides of teenage girls he molested. Jimmy Savile was a monster, make no mistake about it. A beast shaped like a human. A demon from hell. Notice how in the picture at this link, Peter Sutcliffe the "Yorkshire Ripper" who killed 13 women and attempted to murder 7 others is treated like a celebrity and introduced to Frank Bruno for a handshake. He looks like he is staying at a Day Spa for pop stars. A subhuman murdering brute who slashed women. Jimmy really digs his new friend.

This guy was a "made man" in the system who could count on "special protection" from his crew throughout the hierarchy for his degeneracy.

You gave up your guns, Brits. Your dignity would never be far behind. You are not a citizen. You are owned now, like cattle or dogs. You are property and your children are there to serve their needs. Do not cry out to God. If you had kept the fifth commandment to honor your father and your mother then you would not have believed the government when they told you your ancestors got it all wrong about firearms and they knew what was best for you. God does not hear the prayers of the British because you rejected his wisdom and believed in your own.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Unbelievable, again. But not surprising at all. Why am i not surprised, that he became to look like that ...Hippie weirdo, thing..y. The more i hear / read / learn about the Anglo heartland the more i see it as absolutely, totally, irredeemably LOST. How insane and just basically weird, Apocalyptic can a country become?!. We really live historic times gents. England is lost, Sweden is lost, France France China rising, Kwa failing, Greece soon to be run by more or less actual Nazis and in chaos anyway. "...And time can do sooo much"

Astrosmith said...

According to Alex Jones, the Texas juvenile justice system is run by pedophiles, and when the Texas Rangers tried to investigate, they got shut down.