Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mitt Romney : Draft Dodging Chickenhawk Scum

Another neocon who wants you to fight the battle he created.

Will you have cowards and women for your leaders? Will you allow the worst sort of fools to set themselves over you as your masters? What in these men warrants their leadership? They have no leadership qualities. They are lily-livered cowards one and all.

Mitt is good at getting others to die in his place. If you vote for him and he sends your kids to war you got nobody but yourself to blame.


Garry Joe said...

The young republicans are full of these scum.

I saw a video a few months back, where a lefty went to one of their conventions and asked their members, if they support the war on Islam.

Well of course they all did!

Then he asked if they intend to serve in the military, and they all had excuses, from career to health problems.

At the end of the video he suggested that every one of the young republicans should be drafted.

My solution, if you vote for something, you must pay for that something, either with your own money and blood.

Lets see how strong these cowards support for the war on Islam is, if they have to go and fight.

The Lab Manager said...

I'm not endorsing Putin, but I certainly could not imagine any of our faggot mangina metrosexual leaders gifting a rifle.

The Lab Manager said...

I certainly could never imagine any of our faggot mangina metrosexual leaders here doing this. And the libtard and conservetard media would have a fit.

Garry Joe said...

Here's that video

Generation Chickenhawk: With The College Republicans