Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mit The Walrus

Tell me this isn't one of the sweetest animals you ever saw.

They are highly social creatures like most amphibious mammals and it never ceases to amaze me how easily they can be conjoined to a human social group with a minimum of fuss. The biggest worry, as described in the article, is that they will grow so accustomed to people as companions they won't be interested in their own kind when they are introduced to them.

I often wonder why dolphins, walruses and seals seem to have an affinity for us bipedal types. All three of these species have been called "dogs of the sea" at one time or another. It is like a lot of these animals recognize us when they see us. "Right, it is them," they seem to think.

The walruses largely survive off clams and invertebrates they dig up on the ocean floor like rooting pigs. It is an extremely efficient life in terms of metabolic costs and they tend to thrive in most marine environments. Their social habits also help them to fend off attacks by larger predators.

I can't help but interject in here that you cannot discount the possibility these are all surviving strains of domesticated breeds from Atlantis. Their doglike qualities would appear to make them of great use to men who lived in the water. It's crazy the first time you ponder it but after a couple years deliberating on it you start to see a lot of things differently.

There are an awful lot of animals on this planet who seem well accommodated towards hominids. When would we have forged these relationships? At what point in dim prehistory were we all good friends with a life together sufficiently generous they would trust us eons later with very little effort?

P.S. It helps when reading this blog if you are familiar with the Aquatic Ape theory and the mythos of this "watery kingdom" which might refer to a large part of our development taking place at oceanside. When I use the word "Atlantis" I am speaking of this misty time in antiquity when men seemed to spend a lot of time in the water.


Garry Joe said...

I remember reading an article years ago, where a researcher was studying how wolves/wild dogs, came to live side by side with men.

He asked a question that was interesting, because no one else ever thinks to ask it:

Did we tame dogs, or did they tame us?

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

A Neanderthal and a walrus, what a team :D !! Most ppl have a mere cat or a dog, but a proper Orc needs heavier-duty pets. Maybe you should clear a space in ya bunker for a walrus, it might come in handy or in the case that, the worst comes to the worst, it might be good eating. Ps. during wars people eat even their dogs, but some dont even need a war for that.

Garry Joe said...

Garry Joe said...

Far Leftists are Breaking the Silence

A commenter pointed to

as sickening.

Actually, it is more important to us because both the 300 leftists who are carrying signs declaring their hatred for Germany are clearly reacting to the Mantra!

Before now, no matter how much they obviously hated their race and country, leftists NEVER declared it out in public.

But there s much more. One sign and the march in general declared it was in favor of Genocide!


A person advocating genocide in Germany gets an automatic number of years in prison.

Unless he is a leftist. It never even came up.

Does anyone see what this means?

While everybody from PWAMs to liberals are out there declaring that genocide is not n issue, the far left has openly declared for genocide.

There is no question of a question that they can get by with it in the world most Thought Police controlled country. Any other group that even MENTIONS genocide in Germany is facing prosecution.

But the far left, bless their black little souls, is taking us up on it.

And there is only one US I can be talking about. There is only one reason they could possibly be on the streets declaring their hatred of their own people, and that reason is not TOO.

The Silence only works if they don’t have any nut cases who will scream their hatred. As the man said, “Three men can keep a secret. If two of them are dead.”

Texas Arcane said...

Garry Joe -

They used to put people like these into straitjackets and keep them in padded cells. Nowadays they actually head up society and control the agenda.

You couldn't make this stuff up. People who actually think they have the high moral ground because they advocate self-annihilation. Entire planet must be a reality show for aliens to sit on their couches and laugh their asses off at this manboon idiocy.

FrankNorman said...

Regarding the friendliness intelligent animals show towards man..
Adam was created to rule over the animal kingdom. No need to speculate about selective breeding or whatever. While most animals no longer obey Man due to the Fall, some are still our friends.

FrankNorman said...

To quote CS Lewis:
"Man with dog fills a gap in the universe."

The Lab Manager said...

60 Hard Truths about "Liberals"

Texas Arcane said...

Frank -

Primarily aquatic creatures with a resemblance to domesticated dogs ... was there a swimming pool in the Garden of Eden? It must have been pretty huge.

I think we have had a working relationship with many particular animals at some point.

Bob said...

Tex, youre gonna love this.

Garry Joe said...

"People who actually think they have the high moral ground because they advocate self-annihilation. "

If only they were for annihilation of themselves and allowed whites a free choice, I wouldn't have any argument with them.

The problem is, they do not allow a free choice. They are behaving exactly as they did, when they controlled the Soviet Union - No one is allowed to escape.

The old man, explains it in plain English here:

Koanic said...

"We"? Neanderthals may have domesticated dogs, or re-domesticated them. But Atlantean aquatic friendships must've been melon. We know where the Thals evolved.

ray said...

before the rebellion all the kritters got along TA -- no predation and no fear

it'll be that way again, cant wait

perhaps the sea creatures you mention are a kind of faunal remnant, helping bridge Stainistan to the Kingdom ... lion and lamb at peace etc

still i fancy yr notion these particular kritturs could have been antediluvial domesticates, if only to beg how you passed the dread Gates of Education w/o having the urge to think vetted out of you?

Justin said...

This ties into the theory of "the aquatic ape", which highlights our watery origins as a people. Basically, in Atlantean/antedeluvian times, people were essentially water-dwellers. It must have been then that we bonded so closely with these "dogs of the sea".

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