Monday, October 29, 2012

Manboons Flee In Terror Before God Sneeze

Lacking any Knowledge of the Natural Sciences or Climate History, Manboons Think This Sort of Weather is Unusual Outside of the Holocene

Better get used to it.

It isn't. Outside of the solar fairy fantasy world called the Holocene (lasts approximately 12,000 years) this is tee-shirt weather for Neanderthals during the past million years. Neanderthals used to peer outside the cave on days like this and call out "Finally, we get a break with clear skies and good weather!"

New York City shut down and plunged into darkness in a single day

Robust sapiens electrical system cannot weather the climatological equivalent of a girl scout cake drive.

Connetticutt communists behave like New Orleans Drowning Victims

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing people of all faiths and creeds drowning together from their lack of simple good sense.

Predicted that manboons will be reduced to babymeat and machete contests in a fortnight

Expected to be keepin' it real. Sapiens knows he does not cope well under pressure.

Enrichers Coordinate Diversification & Improvementation via Cracker Communication Devices

That's why William Shockley invented solid state electronics, so that manboons could map out their cannibalism and looting bongo parties without having to speak to each other in person.

See that civil defense symbol, now abandoned, to the right of this web site? This is why this stuff was important to our ancestors. Figured it out yet? If you don't prepare for this sort of thing and stay in a defensive position in life, really bad things can happen. One too many days like this and the paper-thin structure of civilization can crumble apart in hours. Don't believe me, though - just keep thinking you know it all because Oprah never mentioned any of this and you will deal with it when it gets here. Chances are, it will be dealing with you.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Wow, even "Bad Piggies" looting over there. Anyway, these are also kinda cool, these new "Super Storms" unless you live, where they roam. I also think, that this "new" weather is atleast partly responsible for mine and Styrac´s anxiety. It messes some ppl´s heads, when the normal natural rhythm & cycles suddenly change. And that twitter looting thing.... just wow. Do those morons understand, that they can be seen & identified & probly get caught !?. Well, i guess we´ll see them rollin, later on the tv.

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Did you already see this abomination !? :

Fight it !! All of you out there, Fight it, as hard as u can.

Mex Arcane said...

Have you seen the unscrupulous assholes popping their heads up in the media already trying to claim that (anthropogenic) "climate change" was to blame for the severity of Sandy?

Like you said about gun control - where others see a tragedy, they see opportunity.

If Obama is re-elected on the back of this conveniently timed natural disaster, watch for fascist environmental policy on a scale we've never witnessed before. Australia will quickly follow, "...because they're already doing it in America, and we don't want to get left behind."

styrac said...

@ 'Mex' Arcane

See this:

Garry Joe said...