Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look What They Put Into Babies

Garbage. Industrial toxic waste. Filthy pollution you'd get ticketed for if you tried to dump it in a river.

You know them by their fruits and they are child-killers. They can hide behind all the paperwork they want but you know them by their fruits. They worship mammon and will sacrifice kids on that altar if it pays off in dollars on their end.

Neanderthal hate baby hurters. Neanderthal smash. Neanderthal know that baby hurter must be made example of. Baby hurter is damaged goods, brain broken in baby hurter. Men who do not defend women and children are botched and bungled and they must be banished or beaten to death, period, no exceptions.

Life cheap for Homo Saps. He make many babies, no cry when lose baby. Neanderthal have few babies, each baby worth more than life of every other man in tribe. Any man who hurt baby must die. Zero tolerance policy by Neanderthal for one million years on this issue. Doesn't matter whose baby we are talking about. To prove Neanderthal wrong, show me fossil bones of one child who died at hands of male Neanderthal. No such thing for past million years.

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mobius wolf said...

Ha! No comments on that one.

Thal smash! I feel that.