Sunday, October 14, 2012

IndieGoGo Campaign & Hit Counter Flips Over

Grimoire IndieGoGo Campaign started last night.

... and I think Vault-Co broke the internetz somehow last night. Our hit counter has rolled over. I was looking forward to seeing it hit 999,999 one of these days. Can somebody write down what it was day before yesterday? I will put a yellow post-it beside the counter to keep track of the old number.

If I am a successful in getting Grimoire finished up and fulfill all my pledges I am pretty certain I will be doing a crowdfunder for Vault-OS right after that based on the existing stuff I have running. Like Grimoire, it's just another 95% complete project I need a nudge on to wrap up.


Rowan said...

Have people really pledge $2500+ already or was that just you? Do you need $250k?

oafus said...

the pitch and tonality of your voice is interesting, it reminds me of weston price

or von braun

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

No offense but that Grimoire of yours, not the latest Battlefield or Shogun Total War and whatnot. Or is it meant to be Oldschool?. I also did some browsing around the web of you and found out more that i´v known so far :). It seems Tex / Cleve is somekind of an Interwebz celeb / "village idiot" type of a Legend. You are truly one of the oddest...balls i have found on the web so far!!. But i´ll stick with my beloved Battlefield Bad Company 2 anyway sry m8. Ps. weird color scheme you got in that game.

oafus said...

also what movies do you recommend?

oafus said...

holy shit are these people real

Steve Barison said...

Tex- what a pleasure to actually hear your voice!

Pohj- Um, he used the expression "Old School" a number of times in that promo piece, both on-screen as text AND as part of his voice over. So....
Yeah, I think it was "meant to be Oldschool."
But I'm going out on a limb, answering for Tex.

Bone pig said...

That is a very cool concept going on at Tex.
I remember online begging from years ago but indiegogo is totally awesome and above board.

Well done with the fund raising Tex and top marks with the 17 year project I can't wait to pay & play.

Once I have refined and transcribed a double album I've been working on periodically since 1996, the only music album I want to officially release before I pass on I may look into indiegogo for funding for a seasoned Audio Engineer and a Producer of similar calibre to Rick Rubin. That would be a few more years away though. Congratulations Tex :)

Texas Arcane said...

Bone Pig -

1996 !

You are approaching Grimoire-style development cycles!

Neanderthals would often be putting the finishing touches on their cave bear paintings just as they were ambushed and eaten by real cave bears sneaking up behind them. You have to wonder if as the jaws of the cave bear were closing on the Neanderthal they were looking sideways at their painting and thinking ... "Nailed it!"

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Steve Barison, ...i see :D my bad. The video was just too long, didnt watch all of it and probly. didnt read any descriptions either. So Summa Summarum ; we can say for fairly certain, that indeed it is meant to be OldSkool !

hitfan said...

It took Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys 37 years to finish his Magnum Opus _Smile_. So 17 years is not that bad :)

I remember trying to make RPGs on my Commodore machine back in the 1980s, with dreams of duplicating what Ultima IV did when I was just 12 years old. I was only partially successful in making a slow-running concoction in BASIC that I abandoned halfway through with a "To be Continued in Part II" cliffhanger. But ah, those were the days when a young boy's imagination had no boundaries. The combination of young creativity and mature technical competence is a very formidable one. Nobody cares about Sir Paul's later and more refined compositions--everyone remembers the simple chord tunes of the Beatles, however.

Perhaps I should port all of my gaming ideas I had back then to the iPad. I see the stuff that's out there, and none of them match my ideas. But a real-life job and real-life responsibilities tend to get in the way, which is why I suspect that Vault-Co's legendary unfinished project takes so long to get done. So I sold out, making more money with the more traditional IT gigs than being a purist. Poor artists might live miserable lives, but they have so much spare time for their creativity. I sometimes envy them.

oafus said...

"If you listen here you will notice the peculiar pitch and strange nasal warble of Von Braun, sounds like my immediate brother or a close member of my family."


KW Jackson said...

17 years is how long it took me to finish my first novel. I can't overstate how important it was for me in terms of self-knowledge.

Grimoire players might enjoy this action-adventure fantasy.

Bounty for the Taking: Book 1

That opened the gates for another.

A Tale of Rum Town

Maybe 17 years is how long it takes a neanderthal-hybrid to undergo individuation.

All the best with Grimoire. I've every confidence that you'll make your goal.