Sunday, October 7, 2012

Earth Overdue For The Vault-Co Premise

Even the National Post is getting in on the act. It's true if a scienmajistic type says it but only if.

If this takes place, either tomorrow or in ten years, you're going to need a vault. Any survival plan that does not have a vault in it somewhere is a bad plan.

It could be a vault built by somebody else. A government public works project. Or an underground subway station. It could be in your backyard.

To survive in this world, a vault is necessary. It is childish to live as if it were otherwise.

This planet could be characterized as very hostile at times and it regularly goes through cycles where the only humans that survive do so in a vault. It may be a cave or a sewer pipe but it's a vault, underground and protected from the things that take place on the surface. Pretending that vaults are only for paranoids and fearful people is itself an infantile viewpoint. To hold this paradigm is to die and be replaced by those holding a better paradigm.


tony said...

the vast amount of underground dwellings across the planet from the past would say yes to all that,of course in the perverted degenerate wonderland of australia those capable of coherent thought are few and far between

theepilgrim said...

Note the article says "in as little as 500 years"....if it's overdue, doesn't that mean it could happen any minute?

I can picture the same sapiens in Pompeii right before Mt. Vesuvius is about to erupt, looking sleepily at the steaming volcano saying "You know that thing might be overdue to explode. We might only have like 500 years to prepare." Then going right back to sodomizing each other.