Thursday, September 13, 2012

True Value of ZOGBux = Zero

Sooner than later, the whole world is going to figure out that the U.S. dollar is a piece of paper with nothing behind it.

Thus all empires die again and again in an orgy of fiat currency and war. Man is not a learning animal.

Nietzsche was right. Without a change of actors, this play would be unbearable to see repeated so often.

People wonder why ten years ago I believed they would disappear with a bang not a whimper. This is why. I had a strong sense that things would happen just so, just as they have happened. I don't pretend to be a prophet and the reason I foresaw all this is because I understand natural consequences and history.

I trusted my ancestors and the evidence and did not care for my contemporaries or listen to my self-styled "teachers." This is why I was better than they were at seeing where it was going.

Sorry I keep reposting this but it's always good for a laugh. This is what the edjumafacashun system in the West has produced.


Garry Joe said...

Big Brother or peeping tom? UK installs CCTV in school bathrooms, changing rooms

hitfan said...

I recently sold most of the gold I had bought ten years ago, thinking that it must have reached a top and that eventually, the United States would be forced into some semblance of fiscal sanity. That, and I was worried the government and high finance would conspire to bring down the price somehow by hook or by crook.

Nope. They continue to try to reinflate the bubble, when there are no more bubbles to be had. I sort of regret selling it, but at least I came out ahead regardless.

In a true social collapse, gold won't be all that much useful anyhow. Best that I invest in the proverbial ounce of prevention that is preps and supplies for the coming megaton of cure that is about to be rained down on us.

Garry Joe said...

Did you hear the woman say, her grandfather was Skull and Bones?

Garry Joe said...

Bother her grandfather and father were Skull and Bones WASP from Maine. These are the people that destroyed America and handed it over to YKW.

theepilgrim said...

One of the videos you linked to has been removed "due to copyright infringement".

That's been happening more and more to videos which are "coincidentally" critical of government.

It's all about protecting intellectual property, you see. Because we all know how much the US gov't cares for the private property of its citizens.

P.S. that last video you linked is still gold (pun intended). Every time I think "You know, maybe I underestimate people. They can't possibly be THAT stupid." I see something like that and I'm reassured that my estimation of the average person is bang-on.

Aristotle was right: some people were born to be slaves.