Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hidden History of "Mankind"

More from Klaus Dona. I love this guy, I could listen for hours with delight at how much clarity there is here. You listen to Dona and you start to see the larger picture emerge worldwide and it sweeps aside all the confusion that a college edjamafacashun will leave you with.

There was a worldwide seafaring empire which we remember as "Atlantis," or perhaps "Lemuria." This empire was run by the oldest of all the hominid/bipedal races, the Melonheads as I call them affectionately to summarize their huge brain volumes compared to ours.

Before you label the Melonheads as absolute monsters, think about the United States carpet bombing unarmed civilians in urban areas of no military significance in Iraq. They have killed perhaps 800,000 civilians (mostly women and children) in Iraq alone in a single year. It's just one of fifty nations that the United States has been bombing in the last 80 years which has never resulted in "freedom" or "democracy" for any of them. How easy it to call people monsters and ascribe ourselves the most angelic of motives for doing much worse.

To try to understand, consider the possibility that the Melonheads were the originals and both Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens are different types of cloned species. Think of the callous way that the "civilized" West treats people with limited capacity to defend themselves and then you will see that perhaps the Melonheads regarded these other races in much the same way.

What do 33,000 skeletons of children sacrificed at Malta have to compare with nearly a million women and children killed in Iraq in a single year?

Of these races, perhaps the only one of them that had any virtue (not necessarily meaning they were "good," in any way) was the xenophobic and reclusive Neanderthal, content to spend his life wrestling with his beloved animals and painting everything in sight with a beautiful palette of colors. Of the two races it is fair to say that the men who tended to make things better (not for everybody but for themselves and their people) were the Neanderthals, who seemed to be able to take any short stretch of land and turn it into a mini-paradise, a garden of Eden in the middle of nowhere.

Melonheads accomplished great things with their huge monolithic construction and certainly one would never think of them as eccentric or clownish like the Neanderthal, who was always a bit of a madman - but a nice madman in his way. Of the two races, it is easy to see that both of them might have tolerated each other for a spell but at some point they decided it would be one or the other who would inherit the earth. I have guessed it was the Melonheads who reached this conclusion first but this is only an informed guess.


Lugh said...

What is the evidence for Neanderthal being an engineered species?

styrac said...

Tex, what do you think about the theory that "Atlantis" and the civilization related to it was not one place but a network of islands and coastal outposts with the former being the original melonhead habitat and the latter serving as both colonies and citadels from where they would launch campaigns for inland expansion? I've written more about it here:

styrac said...

P.S. This theory I think makes it more likely that Malta wasn't merely a colony serving as extension of Melonhead rule, but one of the key administrative centers from where they would launch their campaigns towards the continental mainland like Egypt for instance, and not the other way around. I think the account about the "Sea People" mentioned by Velikovsky makes more sense this way. And what I consider of utmost importance is that, as you also allude in your post, this is a pattern repeated over and over in history, that of a maritime civilization launching wars and campaigns against the continental landmass, and you have the Viking campaigns, then the British and now the US adventures in the Eurasian landmass to confirm this.

styrac said...

P.S.2 You could say that the rise of continental powers like Napoleonic France or Hitler's Germany is an effort to counter-attack against this domination by seafaring powers, and so far the maritime powers have been the victors. It seems to be a struggle perpetuated and embedded in human history and the generic name that Plato uses as "Athenians" (nothing to do with the ancient Athenian Empire - who were themselves merchant class/maritime oppressors) who fought against the Atlanteans could be ascribed to all the subsequent powers who fought against domination by the sea powers. The last act is being played right now, with the US/Anglo-world being increasingly at odds with continental powers like Russia and China in what will probably lead to the apocalyptic battle that will settle it once and for all. Note that, despite frequent drawbacks, the continental/army powers in the end always prevail against the maritime/naval ones (Sparta vs Athens and Rome vs Carthage).

styrac said...

And this also means that Israel was founded by the Rothschilds in order to serve as the main operation center/outpost or excuse (interfering to "protect its safety") for control and expansion in the wider Middle East/Heartland region.

Texas Arcane said...

Lugh -

The only reason I suggested that the Melonheads were the originals is that I associate them with Enki/Oannes/Ea/Dagon and three separate legends talk about a wild creature being accidentally created with strange qualities in the course of their program to engineer a better slave race. In Sumerian he was Enkidu, in Babylonian he is Eabu. Both mean "Enki's mistake."

I know exactly where you are coming from. Exactly. Who is to say that the reason he may have been called "Enki's Mistake" is that after using him to get some genes for their slaves, their "mistake" was in letting this race continue to live? Perhaps in case their genes were needed again?

I don't know for certain if the Neanderthals or the Melonheads are the original man. Perhaps they didn't know for sure in their day who came first, either.

The real evidence for Neanderthal being engineered is nil right now. If anything, he seems to be the actual "normal" of DNA.

As for the evidence that Homo Sapiens is engineered, to print all that I would need a larger text buffer on this comment box.

Texas Arcane said...

Lugh -

In case you don't know, Voltaire the great French thinker was one of the first people, even before Schopenhauer, to say that humans were clearly a domesticated breed of animal in every way. He declared it self-evident in their appearance and behaviour.

Texas Arcane said...

Styrac -

I believe this was the source of the Melonhead's expansive empire, by putting the centers on islands and atolls which made attack very difficult if you didn't have the marine capacities of the Melonheads themselves. This constituted a very safe way to maintain a world empire if you never put your real command and control in any of your colonies. These would be "safe houses" for Melonheads no matter what happened in their jurisdictions all over the planet.

If they lost control over a new region they were attempting to colonize on land, they could always "return to base" and reformulate a new plan.

If you think of it in this fashion, of the Melonheads initially starting branch offices using the natives they pulled out of the wilderness, you can also see the need would appear for a kind of standardization amongst slaves, "watchers" and other tiers of monolith building societies.

In time, you would start to deploy "civilization-in-a-box" in a completely wild new land, having gotten the specifics down to a science for organizing everything.

The Mayans and Aztecs appeared to be a residue of this approach, using the natives as labor, teaching them vital skills, etc. Maybe later came the customized slave breeds if the natives revolted and were hard to control.

Texas Arcane said...

If you consider that the Russians were successful in producing tame foxes from wild foxes in less than forty years using selective breeding, you can even see how maybe Melonheads never actually had genetic engineering. Perhaps they just bred people like dogs to get the outcomes they wanted.

If you were a slave and you didn't know where or how these people came from, you can see the Melonheads telling people "our guardians are super-powered demons. Anyone who defied us or dared to disobey us would have no hope in prevailing against them." This would have the effect of quelling possible slave revolts even before they began.

Lugh said...

As Bukowski said, "Humanity, you just don't have it". Jackie Gleason couldn't have said it better.

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

These views of yours are superbly fascinating !! But you always seem to "dis" or evade the Space Alien angle. Im starting to be pretty sure that, they indeed have something or maybe much to do with our actual Origin / Genesis. Who knows, our story can be much much stranger than all this combined, the universe or is it multi- is rather mysterious. Anyway, the unfortunate fact that mostly humans are rather doglike beings, could be extremely bad for us, if and when any aliens actually turn up here. They would simply have to ask for something and ppl would be all big-eyed and head over heals in love with the novelty and roll over. Atleast in theory.

Astrosmith said...

Tex, I have been reading Koanic Soul's blog, where he has expanded upon your theories about the Neanderthals and Melonheads, but he also mentions "Starchildren". I haven't seen you mention Starchildren here, so what is he talking about?

Texas Arcane said...

Pohjoisen Natiivi & Astrosmith :

I don't think Koanic Soul and I would be in agreement on everything. Koanic has used many of my ideas on his site and the truth is I have gotten quite a few useful ideas listening to him several times, in particular about things like Neanderthals and language.

All of my ideas could be considered a way to explain the majority of the past million years without having to resort to aliens or UFOs or other notions that often have a kind of religious overtone. My ideas are a way in fact to take all these ancient legends and myths and see that they are about real people and real things that happened. I feel almost all of my ideas vindicate most of Scripture, particularly the Old Testament.

I think you only have to suspend belief on two points to listen to me:

1. Consider we are by no means the first civilization to be highly advanced.

2. Consider that there was never a single unified "human race," rather a broad family consisting of three main hominins ... Melonheads, Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens. No aliens or flying saucers required to explain any of it.

Garry Joe said...

Garry Joe said...

Alps shooting: Three people in France massacre shot with 'execution-style' bullet to the head

They shot the man, his wife and his mother and the kid as well and smashed in her skull.

Guess who.

Garry Joe said...

From the comments:

"Mr. Mollier worked for CEZUS, a subsidiary of AREVA, the global leader in the market for zirconium, the metal used, among other things, for nuclear fuel cladding. CEZUS's operations are distributed over six sites. One site in Ugine handles production of ingots and transformation of zirconium, titanium, tantalum, and hafnium into semi-finished products. Cezus also have an R&D site in Ugine."

nutrition and the jews said...


Are you in agreement with Koanic Soul's whole face-reading thing?

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

I see. I want to ask you however, that what do you think about these so called "flying-Discs" or magnetic levitator crafts ?? Who owns them ?. As i have said i´v seen quite few of them here in Finland, couple of those little, drone type of ..things and 5 of them black triangles. So the crafts are clearly very real and ergo ; belong to someone, but who. And an other thing also very real and bizarre and super-interesting are the crop circles, known already in the middle-ages as the "lawnmowing devils phenomena". What does the Neanderthal genius on the other end make of them !? And ps. that is mostlikely true about the coneheads that they lived on islands and mostly on the coastline, kinda like you modern times Anglo-Saxons, with your homebase being jolly old England (an island). Wouldnt it be something if this Tex Arcane was to be found near water, aswell!.

Texas Arcane said...

KoanicSoul has reinvented phrenology with the exception that his is actually accurate at predicting behavior.

Texas Arcane said...

Pohjoisen -

The beach is about 20 minutes away, is that close enough? Too close for me, I want to move farther inland.

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Its not far then. Too bad you cant move the bunker with you ! :)
Ps. Maybe you should invest in a moving one. I guess the Air force one is kinda like that!

styrac said...

@ Tex 7:17 AM

Carl Jung suggested something along that line too.

He said that man only recently was able to actually reflect on his actions as if he was programmed originally to just "do" without the ability to reflect, assuming that a special cast of "priests" or "philosophers" transmitted these deeds through mythological ideas that took the form of collective images for a credulous and uncritical population, and that these images were never the subject of conscious reflection.

Texas Arcane said...

I believe this guy has nailed the origins of civilization - which were introduced by melonheads.

Monolith building and construction takes primitive hunter gatherers and subsistence savages and turns them into specialized labor and tier of a civilization, albeit one that starts with the seed of a large structure in the middle of a wilderness.

Normally wandering around in an unconscious state, these huge colossal megaliths help concentrate the unfocused animal mind and turn it into a brain conscious of time, schedule, structure and responsibility.

A guy suddenly stops in the middle of a large meadow. Wait, what was I doing here, anyway? he thinks to himself. He turns around and looks the way he came. He sees a gigantic ziggurat under construction behind him. Ah, he thinks, that's right. I'm a quarryman. I'm looking for more stone for the megalith where I work.

The brain of Homo Sapiens requires these spokes because without them they just are not too good at concentrating on anything beyond immediate needs.

The town clock tower served the exact same function in new towns in Europe. It's high. You can see it from anywhere in the vicinity and you can see the time on it. That's right, you think to yourself, I am an "X" and my role in society is "X." I must complete my tasks before that clock gets to 5 pm and the work day ends.

Texas Arcane said...

Just as scripture tells us, Cain was the first builder.

Civilizations start with builders of megalithic structures. I agree with Julian Jaynes.

styrac said...

I've read this book and I agree with you. It was the major inspiration for Philip K Dick's VALIS.

Thanks to vault-co I've been able to put in context and perspective things that puzzled me for many years. For instance decoding this song I always liked.

Have a look at the lyrics of this song:

The song is about mankind's prehistoric status, when consciousness was not developed, humans could not reflect on their actions, instead in order to perform any kind of action that manifested some form of organization they had to listen to "transmissions" ie orders transmitted by entities either inside their own heads that with the passing of time and the development of consciousness began to weaken or outside in the form of beings of superior intelligence. "Dance Dance Dance to the radio" refers to the rituals that they had to perform over and over again because through this formal repetition prehistoric man managed to establish slowly some control over his conduct and a predictable and cohesive social order. As he puts it in the lyric:

"No language, just sound, that's all we need know, to synchronise love to the beat of the show."

He outlines what would have happened if no such guidance had occurred:

"We would have a fine time living in the night, Left to blind destruction, Waiting for our sight..."

longing for the loss of freedom and carelessness this predictable order has brought:

"And we would go on as though nothing was wrong...Staying in the same place, just staying out the time. "

I think what he really stresses out is that modern people still act in this manner and that any progress made is only superficial, since people will instantly regress into this prehistoric/ritualistic mindset if they are given the right external cues.

The man responsible for these lyrics, Ian Curtis, was an epileptic which makes it more likely that he had autism/Asperger's syndrome, and committed suicide at the age of 23. When at such a tender age, when you're supposed to live a carefree existence only going after girls and wandering aimlessly, such profound insights about human nature and origins are revealed to you, you get crushed as if you were run over by a truck. It was just more than a man of this age could take. He was also a big fan of J.G. Ballard whom I haven't read, but from what I read in one of your posts explored similar themes about human nature in his novels. Curtis even wrote a song called Atrocity Exhibition based on one of his earlier stories. And even warned us about the coming Ice Age: