Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Fifth Column Controlling The Currency

You could not choose a worse strategy at a worse time than "quantitative easement."

With people like this inside the walls of the city controlling the printing press for both the distribution of information and the production of fiat money, who needs enemies?

The population doesn't know enough about economics to stop them. They don't know enough about anything to stop anybody from doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. All it takes is to label the ancient vice of debauching the currency as "quantitative easement" and you just fooled 99.999% of the American population.

You could probably escape from prison in Kwanstainia by hailing one of the guards over and telling him, "You know, I think I'm in the wrong line. I'm actually supposed to be getting out of prison today."

Criminals are swarming over the Kwa like a horde of locusts and there is nobody left who is bright enough to even know that what they are doing is criminal.

The Melonhead controls Sapiens with simple verbal legerdemain and abstract semantic sleight-of-hand that would not fool a child.

Do you really, honestly believe this relationship could have arisen naturally? Would any naturally produced creature who is a result of adaptation be so submissive and simpleminded? I just don't see that being possible. As Voltaire said "There is no other species so like the domesticated breeds of animals we see in barns as man. He is unnatural by virtue of his easy obedience and docility which would not be true of a creature forged in the wild." Gotta love that Voltaire. The guy could say more in a few sentences than most people could say if they had a lifetime to do nothing but write.


deadman said...

When viewed from a distance, it could be argued that the 'scurrying mass' of people in any major city like NYC, is akin to the scurrying mass of any ant-hill or termite hive.

- deadman.

Garry Joe said...

Looks like he was suicided.