Sunday, September 23, 2012

Solar Solution In A Watertight Ammo Can

Expedient, low budget ($150) solar power system inside a bulletproof box.

This is really must-see.


Garry Joe said...

This is insane. The people cannot be voting for this.

European army backed

Fowl Ideas said...

I like the little globe.

Texas Arcane said...

Garry Joe -

Nothing these idiots do any more shocks me. Sounds like "One Reich" for Bolshevists in Europe.

njartist said...

O.T.: re: Neanderthals:
FTA:"Paleoanthropologists have assumed, based on the lack of cave paintings, beads and figurines at Neanderthal sites, that they had no appreciation for art. Finlayson’s team inspected nearly 1700 sites for evidence, and found numerous bird bones from which the Neanderthals apparently extracted feathers for decoration. These findings fly in the face of “The prevailing paradigm among Palaeolithic archaeologists today,” they said – the notion that birds were too hard for dumb Neanderthals to catch..."

Texas Arcane said...

njartist -

I can't post a full rebuttal in each and every thread every time somebody mentions these ditzy scientists who apparently have not read 95% of their own literature.

All I can say is ... it's likely these guys have confused Sapiens camps with Neanderthal camps.

It's simple. Wherever you dig in Europe and you start seeing these robust, thick bones, you will immediately see they are surrounded by thousands of colored pigments in the soil. The Neanderthals must have been wading knee deep in crayons in most of their camps to explain this phenomenon and it is likely they painted every single available surface around them and encouraged their children to do the same. Their villages must have looked like a graffiti festival I imagine.

I'd find you the link but it will be like the fiftieth time I have to look it up, bring it back and post it here. I can't do this every single time somebody posts something by one of these guys who sounds like they just got tenure and has decided to dabble in the field without becoming aware of discoveries since the 1900's and afterwards.

Texas Arcane said...

You know, if I posted the link, in the very next thread somebody will post a link that says Neanderthals did not know how to walk and chew gum or make fire. And so on. It never ends. There's never a point at which I can even establish a base mark. So after a while I stop trying to debate it in every comments section.

njartist said...

Ignorance rides the horse that is science.

GlucoseBoy said...

Cleve can't you just post it in the 'Listening Posts' thing at the top of your blog?