Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scienmajists Struggle In The Wake of Robert Felix's Pristine and Lucid Brilliance

You can see the tiny wheels turning in the brains of these original Home Eck majors.

Shoulda stuck with something you were qualified for.


njartist said...

Thomas Tobin, a UW doctoral student in Earth and space sciences, said: 'The eruptions started 300,000 to 200,000 years before the impact, and they may have lasted 100,000 years.'

Given that the scienmagicians do not have an accurate dating system for this time length, these events could have been simultaneous. If sea life was being killed off, then those life forms which fed off of sea life were bing killed off: how long can planetary life last with the seas dead?

njartist said...

fta:"There is no direct evidence yet that the first extinction event had any effect on the second, but Tobin believes it is possible that surviving species from the first event were compromised enough that they were unable to survive the long-term environmental effects of the asteroid impact."
Tis statement is evidence that paleontology is a belief system: a magic system.

Texas Arcane said...

See how odd this is, guys?

You guys above are supposed to be mere layman and yet your questions and associations just make better sense and are more reasonable than the flailing about of these "expertz."

Indeed, if extinctions start in the ocean (as Robert Felix told these idiots ten years ago) it is pursuant to volcanism on land. Volcanism heats the oceans, then they pour ash into the air on land. Obvious, right? Twenty years on these guys in the ivory tower are still trying to work through it.

The number one thing protecting the credibility of these morons is that so many people are loathe to believe somebody could have a doctorate and be this transparently stupid. They think to themselves "I guess I am so dumb compared to these guys that what they are saying doesn't sound like it is making any sense. Because their thoughts are so much higher than my own."

A lot of these guys are doing this for a living because there are such light demands on them and they can't cope with any pressure. You become a "paleoclimatologist" and it is a way to hide out from the world and a real day job in many cases. It has become work for people who never grow up and develop properly.

I knew some of these people in college. They were just pathetic. You'd see them wandering around with their fly open and pulling really hard on doors clearly marked with signs reading PUSH. These were professors. I came to regard it as a kind of welfare for intellectuals.