Friday, September 21, 2012

Quaint Ideas About Neanderthals From Saps

William Golding's obscure book I read in the 90's when I got it from a private collection.

Notice how as recently as the 90's, Homo Saps is still arguing over whether or not the crude apelike Neanderthals had mastered "fire" (now with edjumafacashun power!) or had any sense of chronology.

Well, if by "fire" you mean 8 different types of compression ovens dug side-by-side in which Neanderthals boiled up a superhard foaming silly putty substance that they covered all their weapons with so they would have ergonomic grips, yes, I guess you could say Neanderthal did know how to make "fire." These ovens show some evidence of there having been an assembly line, a division of labor and perhaps individuals each with a job to do on line.

This foaming silly putty that dries like granite was recently patented by a West German industrial firm after they spent ten years trying to synthesize it in the lab. The reason it took so long is that it had so many stages and trace elements needed to produce it that the Sapiens had a hard time grasping the complexity involved before they could duplicate it with 20th century technology. Meanwhile the Neanderthal was whipping this stuff up in expedient pits at the mouths of his caves.

For 150 years Homo Sapiens scientists were scraping the faint 200,000 year old residue stuff of this off of weapons thinking they just had not cleaned it properly after excavation. It is only now that Sapiens has begun to realize that these weapons were not just of superior infrastructure and design to those of his own but that once covered with this foaming putty and shaped they would have seemed like something out of a science fiction movie used by alien predators. There was a four sided throwing disc that was a variation on their "death frisbees" that had been entirely covered with grips except for the razor edged four points. The Neanderthals would have had to hurl these weapons spinning at nearly 20m per second and they would have vaporized anything in front of them like a flying cuisinart.

Yes, those primitive Neanderthals with their bad caveman makeup and rubber appliances knew how to make fire, Virginia. So much so that you can't help but wonder if it was Homo Sapiens that learned to make it from him, not the other way around.

Mostly my brother Jacob tells nothing but lies, every once in a while he lets slip a little truth. It's an oversight and he usually corrects himself immediately afterwards.


GlucoseBoy said...

This is completely surreal. Links? Pictures? Evidence?

Jonathan said...

Hey Tex, as a Christian, do you think Neanderthals will be part of the resurrection? I wonder which humans were the first to have eternal souls.

GlucoseBoy said...

Is this what you're referring to?;4/3/385

No mention of throwing discs...

Ave said...

(Sorry, I posted the same on the wrong topic above)

There is one thing I wanted to add about mural paintings in Lascaux and elsewhere.

There are not first trials. They display good mastery of colour and proportion.

This means there must have been an equivalent of an art school outside the cave. Just imagine the nice life and character these people had, when back from hunting they would bask in the sun and practice painting, to the sound of a flute.

Millenia later, this would be the typical day of a member of nobility (hunting, painting, music, culture and refinement in general).

Texas Arcane said...

Ave -

It also implies such a surplus and well stocked lifestyle that the many indulgences of their dreams and artwork were possible, that they did not spend every day just trying to acquire the basic necessities.

The more you think about it the more you will realize just how comically mistaken Hollywood must be with their buck teeth cavemen with fright wigs on. That's just not even close.

Texas Arcane said...

GlucoseBoy -

That's the stuff.

Wondering why you have not heard about any of this? Movies showing them trying to rub two sticks together and jumping up and down like orangutangs? Somebody obviously is lying to you, have you guessed who it is yet?

Texas Arcane said...

Johnathan, as a Christian, do you think Homo Sapiens will be part of the resurrection? You know them by their fruits. Are the Children of Cain as likely to receive the forgiveness of Christ as those of the Children of Abel? You know them by what they do, it tells a story about who they are.

I am sure some Homo Sapiens have souls, however most of them primarily enjoy killing, having sex while they rest, then killing some more. On Sundays they go to Church and pray to Jesus. Does he hear their prayers considering what they do the other six days of the week?

It's not exactly an unusual occurrence by most recently they killed at least 800,000 civilians in Iraq which they do not own up to. What do you say about creatures like that? That is more than died in any particular battle of World War II, even at Hiroshima. You know them by their fruits.

styrac said...

Tex 4:36 AM

Another news story that illustrates this even more:

Texas Arcane said...

I heard they have more patents on the way from other compounds they have gotten from dig sites.

Ave said...

"It is potentially a very important find. It implies quite high technical ability. They also buried their dead. All this does make it more of a problem to explain why we are here and not them.'' (article quote)

The more I see articles being released upon the Neanderthal, the more I'm afraid this is going to be used for genocide. We know human population is bound to collapse within our lifetime.

With such a theory, the survivors will have a good rationalisation argument, such as "we hid in our shelter/cave, because we have Neanderthal/Melonhead genetic strains in our blood, and the others didn't". This is is not against you Tex, but rather against all these elite Sapiens Alpha people, who are not doing what they can to correct the initial issue but amplify it (matriarchal propaganda etc.), thinking they have a way out of their own mess.

I momentarily thought about them making genetic viruses, targeting only the non-Neanderthal, but too many Alpha Sapiens would hence die.