Sunday, September 9, 2012

Obama Surges In Polls, Gun Sales Skyrocket

Americans are packing them into every nook and cranny in their home.

This is always a hopeful sign. It shows that not everybody in the Kwa is missing their amygdala.

Just most of them.

The rest of the economy is deep in quickbog and soon to vanish. Maybe everybody could get a job selling each other guns and bullets.

Media twinks shrieking, of course. They can't stand people who act as if the government may let them down when the time comes. They consider it sin to express a lack of faith in their "god," the State. These same twinks say Christianity is silly and just made up gibberish. (but Marxism is infallible and originates with the divine)

The achilles heel of the manboon brain is it's vanity and it is through this leaky hole in their head that all kinds of corrupt ideas are inserted from the time they can walk to the time they graduate school. By the time they are of age, they are hopelessly confused. Every true thing is false for them, every false thing is true. They are not reformable after they reach this age and in nature they would rarely reproduce being dumb enough to hang on authority to do all their thinking for them.


Garry Joe said...

Unconstitutional Abuse of Power, Are You Next?

"You are simply exercising your right as an American citizen to buy ammunition and you find yourself the subject of an investigation by law enforcement. How often is this happening across America? Are you next? Protect your rights and be part of the solution go to Oath"

Now you are harassed by the government, if you buy ammo. lol Amerika...

Garry Joe said...

Chuck Norris' dire warning for America - 2012

Chuck sees the writing on the wall, 30 years too late.

deadman said...

Paging Mr Yuri Bezmenov.

- deadman

hitfan said...

The greatest monkey wrench to fly in the face of globalism is the Second Amendment.

The Lab Manager said...

For those not in the US, the public become complacent when a Republican wins an election thinking that they to care about the 2nd Amendment.

The reality is they don't like Amerikans with guns either.