Saturday, September 15, 2012

Muslims Play Right Into Their Hands

They are reacting knee-jerk to a very poorly made film that likely had a budget of a few thousand dollars

The film was designed to get this reaction from them so the U.S. and Israel can build tensions for war.

War generates profits in the billions of dollars the first couple of weeks. Do you really think somebody would not spend $5000.00 on that cheap, cheesy movie to deliberately enrage the Muslims and provide a pretext to kicking off their much-anticipated war in the Middle East?

This is why I have said that Melonheads know how to push buttons on their ass monkey Homo Sapiens to get outcomes they desire. Homo Sapiens is their slave and always does as he is told. If they want war, they create one until it becomes useful to have a spell of peace. They are farmers and Sapiens is their barnyard stock. They allow them to grow to full size and then they harvest them. This is the fate of a beast like a chicken or a cow. It exists to serve for a while and then it is killed when it is expedient or no longer needed. Melonheads run the slaughteryards by creating wars that neither they nor any of their families ever fight in.


not long now said...

they may be puppets and brainwashed retards but they can still cause trouble and i know from the horses mouth that muslims are smuggling weapons into australia we got real problems here now nice of the gov to disarm us

styrac said...

"Somebody wants the Islamic volcano to erupt. Perhaps the Muslim world turning into a huge burning pot meets the interests of the behind the scenes world politics managers?":

For it is necessary in order to achieve the desired outcome:

The method is exactly the same and used previously on many occasions, only the actors change, yet this isn't enough to wake up the crude masses who see it repeated over and over, that some foul play towards an end that escapes them must be involved when you arm and fund Islamists and keep them in a state of perpetual revolt with rhetoric and promises and at the same time you insult what they hold most sacred.
"See, we trained, funded, armed and supported this people, we did everything possible to unleash upon the world their fanaticism and catastrophic rage, in the Balkans, in Libya, in Syria, in Chechnya, but now we have to go to war and kill those towelhead fundamentalists because they didn't transform overnight from prehistoric primitives to secular liberal democratic intellectuals. And everybody from liberal "democracy promoters" concerned with the "human rights of women, gays and other minorities" to the Chrissan Zionist Shabbos Goyim will fall for that crap. Only a moron could not figure out what's at play here, which amounts for about 99% of the so-called "Western" world.

Garry Joe said...

@not long now
"i know from the horses mouth that muslims are smuggling weapons into australia we got real problems here now"

I bet you that just like all other Western countries, when the terror attacks begin there, not one place where YNW concentrate in large numbers will be hit - all of their temples and schools will be exempt.

Who wants to take me up on that bet?

deadman said...

And what a surprise that all this drama and diplomat killin' coincided with the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

Which itself was 11 years after daddy Bush announced the 'New World Order'.

- deadman

Garry Joe said...

When I think of all the videos that are censored every day, by YKWtube for "hate speech" and how they refuse to take this Mohamed video down, despite what must be overwhelming pressure... It just goes to show you who really controls things and how they want things to go.

Time to wake up, all you silly white retards. You really think anyone that is loyal to you, controls your country?

You are nothing but animals to these people.

styrac said...