Monday, September 3, 2012

Melonhead Corporate Facilities On Malta

The Horrific Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni.

We have linked to this before but I thought some may have not seen it. I was talking about it on another forum.

Interesting summary of the Hypogeum and surrounding labyrinth that covers the entire island.

I still think their primary headquarters is sealed under the Arctic Ice. This was a major branch office.

One pit that was formerly open to the public, now closed, was filled with an estimated 33,000 thousand skeletons, mostly of children and young girls. Recently it is as if the curators have begun to realize just how bizarre all this is ever since it was declared a World Heritage Site and have started to restrict access. In particular, the story of the missing school children and their teachers has spread far on the internet. Right about the time it was declared a World Heritage site, all those melonhead skulls began to vanish from the site one by one.
 Notice the mention of no lamp oil residues and no torch or lantern mounts. Did they use a form of lighting that did not need combustion or could they see in the dark? Who builds a six hundred acre underground super bunker with nine levels (that we know of)  that requires no light sources?

Look at the sleeping lady. That is abstract artwork worthy of Picasso. Where are the precursors? This race was separate from those around them, they were on a completely different trajectory.

It is very likely that successive waves of conquerors may have looted the place since the Melonheads were driven off, it is possible there were (and may still be) far more interesting artifacts to be found in this place, particularly in those parts sealed off by the British.

Malta government has sealed off vast parts of access recently, particularly to the lower levels and the "scream canyons" which we have very clear eyewitness testimony exist down there. These are actually connected to caverns in the deeper parts which go to the sea. For all we know they could once have served as access for submarines to dock through underground passages. Oannes/Ea/Dagon would have had no problems coming and going by this route with his breathing helmet and fins.

I really wish I was making this stuff up.

You have some real fringe nuts who claim there are tunnels from Malta to the Vatican which were described by a monk in the 1400's in detail. Okay, if I keep talking about this I am going to give myself nightmares. These were some scary dudes that ran this facility and they are still scary today. (Selective use by this guy to always conceal his skull with cap or his long hair)


Garry Joe said...

I remember reading about the strange goings on, in the Malta tunnels many years ago. Very creepy.

Charity said...

Very cool. I missed these, thanks!

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Very interesting, my favourite subject matters. That is a good description BTW, "they were on a different trajectory" : ) cool way to put it. That Rothchild guy looked surprisingly human to me, i expected a monster of somekind, but he´s actually pretty good looking and looks like the average looney leftie Hippie type. Or maybe a Hipster. But he´s a Rothchild never the less.

Garry Joe said...

@Pohjoisen Natiivi

Look at his overall skull shape, it is very long.

Once you start looking at skull shapes, you will notice how different they can be. As you took the red pill, you will start noticing the differences very soon.

Ted Walther said...

Whoa. David Rothschild looks like Charles Manson