Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kwanstain Shocked A Sodomite Got Sodomized In Libya After Being Crowned Emperor

Not a wise choice for such a post after you just got finished arming, backing and supplying a radical group in this region to overthrow the existing government.

This guy and Hillary spent a lot of time crowing about Gaddafi dying in much the same way. The irony of it all is too much to take seriously. I couldn't stand Gaddafi and I cannot believe what the U.S. government did to this guy. They should not be astonished the same people did this to Chris Stevens.

Kwanstainians are not competent to run a lemonade stand. If you put them in charge of a pizzeria during lunch break you'd come back to discover the place burned to the ground and open cannibalism in the neighboring streets. Also, they would not have sold a single pizza while you were gone.

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