Sunday, September 30, 2012

Engineering The Third World War

The Report from Iron Mountain was the conscientious release of a real document by an insider.

I have always believed that somebody at the top had an attack of guilt and published the original through a contact in New York City. They were likely somebody from Kennedy's generation who still felt some responsibility to the common man.

If our governments had ever wanted peace they could have attained it. The think tanks decided a long time ago that peace would never be good for business. In the end, the ultimate refutation of peace is a planned war and that is part of the equation right now. You may believe it is all just random human idiocy but there is more intended outcome than stupidity in most quarters. Some "humans" just don't think like the rest of us. There is nothing too horrible to contemplate for them as long as it works out for their benefit in the end.

I think these people are up to something right this moment.

A man does well to be very suspicious of any stranger who frequently drops "we" and "us" and "ours" in conversation, like the people in the media do. You don't know these people and they don't know you. The only thing you know about them for a fact is that they are trying to gain your confidence through manipulation. Their real motivations for pretending to "report the news" may be so ugly they would scare the living hell out of you.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ancient Melonhead Rock Art

Thanks to a post from a guest here I found this picture! I have searched for it for a long time and been unable to find it on the internet. I saw this picture in a coffee table book a long, long time ago.

Rock Art found on the Chad Plateau at a place called Ennedi, a mountain fortress with a natural oasis.

These people's skulls were found in Africa and they vanished down the memory hole like all the others. They were called the Boskops by anthropologists. Tell me where to see these skulls on display, I'd love to get a link to a museum somewhere. I won't be holding my breath. See the Wikipedia entry is basically "Nothing much to see here people please keep moving along and all the recovered skulls seem to have vanished whoodathunkit."

Notice they are walking along with cattle  and domesticated animals, leading them somewhere. These are not aliens or interdimensional travelers or beings of supernatural origin. These are regular old bipedal humans with much, much larger skull volumes than Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal peoples. Not Neanderthals. Not Homo Sapiens. The Third Hominin. The one that answers all the questions about the other two.

Nobody knows what they were doing in Africa for sure.  They certainly did not "evolve" there. Working on the top secret Neanderthal-killer research using genes collected from the locals? Possibly. Or perhaps something else that we will never know.

Perhaps they were support staff on the massive nuclear reactor in Gabon in the Oklo mine down in Africa which just "built itself" with plutonium it just "sort of refined from uranium" and then sort of "dropped it in core rods to generate electricity" using water that "just happened to be pouring over the top of it for coolant" but only first after "making sure it ran at the exact same frequency with the same wattage output" for a million years or thereabouts. It "just happened" like cloned cheetahs with identical cellular tissues.

I like this picture because instead of showing melonheads standing over slaves with lightning bolts and whips it just shows them leading some antlered mammal forward while he placidly follows them. You don't normally encounter depictions of melonheads as simply people engaged in pastoral pursuits with animal husbandry so this picture is quite unusual.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Real Great Men Have No Biographers

Again and again we have seen it was the individual Russian military soldier saving the world from nuclear armageddon.

In every single situation where a Kwanstainian would have simply obeyed orders and kicked off World War III, we see a Russian keeping a cool head and thinking for himself. If anybody had an excuse to act like a cog in a machine it was the Russians under Bolshevist rule and yet they showed as individuals that they had never lost their souls during the 80 years of occupation.

Which country has produced the better stock of man? I have already made up my mind on this subject. I reckon the Russian is as sturdy and as masculine as he ever was, whereas in the West the average male has reverted to little more than primordial slime shaped like a person.

Russians have brains, guts and gumption and they look out for the best interests of their fellow men. The Western man is a cosmopolitan polyglot of bad ideas, bad character and bad breeding. His presence on the planet must pain God to see what a disappointment he has become to both himself and his creator.

Dismal Tide : Kwanstainian Ghoul Busters

During the Dark Ages, one of your biggest worries after death was being harvested by grave robbers and savages who would sell you piecemeal to medical schools, witches and alchemists.

Nothing has changed because man hasn't changed. The biggest change is the loss of the gossamer film that was Christianity protecting us all from this.

Speaking from an atheist point of view (after all, I was one for sixteen years) I am certain that nothing sets the demons of mankind loose like secular arguments. Once the common man no longer thinks of humanity as a divine creation made in God's image, it frees up all kinds of butchers and carnal cannibals who define men as simply another kind of meat to be harvested for various purposes.

One of the bulwarks standing between us and the madness of the beast that is inside men is religion. It is a paper thin wall that gives way easily once it is abandoned, having little strength outside of what we surrender to it. Once it gives way, all kinds of rabid lunacy pours in and cracks away the thin veneer called civilization.

Most of you won't know until you are too old for it to matter just how much Christian theology was able to restrain our native psychopaths and sociopaths. It is always a thorn in their sides and that is why they were so eager to do away with it as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Warmthinkery Is A Lie That Would Not Fool A Child

... but it has fooled the inhabitants of the Western nations, who despite their pretense have the minds of children.

The majority of all college graduates will never read a book again after "graduating." These same people are easily connived into parroting anything for cause of their vanity. Such weaklings are eager fodder for any flatterer who knows how to stroke their egos and tell them they are part of a sensitive minority interested in "saving the earth." It gives some structure to their otherwise meaningless lives but you see it is something imposed from the outside for the very reason that their internal world is so utterly vacuous. They are human black holes waiting to be filled by an authority from outside.

Globowarmthinkery only works on this generation of morons. Fifty years ago this deranged ideology could not even have gotten out the starting gate before being laughed to scorn.

Just what is this "carbon" stuff they are always rattling on about? Do they even know? Is it designed to be so vague it constitutes religion? What is this "carbon" stuff? Soot? Soot blocks sunlight and cools the earth. Is it a special magical substance like the phlogistan that you first have to believe in before you can see it? How is all this madness any different from druidism in the 3rd century?

Goodbye France, A Curse On You In Hell

Orwellian Marxist Regime To Destroy All Bonds of Normal Biological Families With New Vocabulary

Vault-Co predicts : France will burn when God withdraws his protection from it altogether.

The Fifth Commandment :

Honor your father and your mother

The bedrock foundation of all healthy societies. Not "ban these words from your vocabulary."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Solar Solution In A Watertight Ammo Can

Expedient, low budget ($150) solar power system inside a bulletproof box.

This is really must-see.

"Dr. Manhattan" of Preppers Dies

Manboons paw through his possessions trying to understand why, oh why, a man would want to avoid all traditional work for forty years by making a simple investment in economic consequences.

This guy was an "early bounder" like so many others in the 1970's. He just thought there was no way they'd be able to hold the whole rotten system together for another fifty years. He was probably a rational man who had thought it through in a way ordinary people simply can't. He figured, anything as sour as this country is going to collapse very soon.

It actually limped on through the 80's and 90's and even had a few brief reprieves but never anything like the glory days of the United States. All fake prosperity built with fiat currency on top of a dying nation.

Despite his errors in estimating the when, he definitely got the why and how right.

$35.00 an ounce for gold. Man, that is incredible. I wouldn't be shocked to see it hit $5000.00 an ounce in the near future. Pity this guy didn't live to see his fellow men make fools out of themselves.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Scientists Admit Everything They Have Been Telling You For Past Fifty Years Is A Big Fat Lie

You heard it first on Vault-Co. Here in 2007, but I think much earlier on this blog.

UPDATE : This whole fiasco reminds me so much of this scene in the original with Dr. Octavius arguing with Taylor at the archaeological dig about the origins of the creatures who lived there before.

Remember, we're "nuts" until mainstream science admits we were right, in which case we are still "nuts" but scienmajists can be totally wrong and still remain the "orthodoxy."

If I told people half of what I know about this subject I am scared somebody would actually consider it worth the $10.75 it would cost to have me killed. I've read and forgotten more about this subject than most academics could if they had the rest of their lives to do so.

You figure I was sitting on a milk crate in front of Union Station reading from 1989-1991 for 9 hours a day 6 days a week 52 weeks a year, that's 2808 hours of reading a year times three equals 8424 hours of reading in three years alone, mostly cutting edge anthropology from private sources. If you figure I read at nearly six times the speed of an ordinary person then you could postulate I squeezed a 12 year professor's degree into three years and some left over. That's actually assuming a professor spent that 12 years in study and not just cadging and copying notes for his thesis from some degree mill in Thailand and spending the other 23 hours a day watching Oprah Winfrey, sitting in the lounge drinking Schnapps and dodging his teaching assignments, which is a very likely scenario for about 9 out of 10 edjamafacated types.

Then if you consider I might have an unparalleled ability to correlate all that information into a unique synthesis and come up with insight that was staring everybody else in the face if they could only connect all those dots ... well, you get the idea.

China knows ITZ COMING

You don't store nukes alongside regular missiles unless you intend to use them both in the same war.

There ain't gonna be a Cold War II. This war is already hot. The missiles are primed and sitting on the pads. There is no balance of power. There is no mutual deterrence.

There's just China waiting silently with steely asian patience and their hand resting on a big red key. They are bright people and they know you have to watch and wait for just the right moment, which is going to be very soon.

There ain't no deterrence. There is just the waiting now.

Quaint Ideas About Neanderthals From Saps

William Golding's obscure book I read in the 90's when I got it from a private collection.

Notice how as recently as the 90's, Homo Saps is still arguing over whether or not the crude apelike Neanderthals had mastered "fire" (now with edjumafacashun power!) or had any sense of chronology.

Well, if by "fire" you mean 8 different types of compression ovens dug side-by-side in which Neanderthals boiled up a superhard foaming silly putty substance that they covered all their weapons with so they would have ergonomic grips, yes, I guess you could say Neanderthal did know how to make "fire." These ovens show some evidence of there having been an assembly line, a division of labor and perhaps individuals each with a job to do on line.

This foaming silly putty that dries like granite was recently patented by a West German industrial firm after they spent ten years trying to synthesize it in the lab. The reason it took so long is that it had so many stages and trace elements needed to produce it that the Sapiens had a hard time grasping the complexity involved before they could duplicate it with 20th century technology. Meanwhile the Neanderthal was whipping this stuff up in expedient pits at the mouths of his caves.

For 150 years Homo Sapiens scientists were scraping the faint 200,000 year old residue stuff of this off of weapons thinking they just had not cleaned it properly after excavation. It is only now that Sapiens has begun to realize that these weapons were not just of superior infrastructure and design to those of his own but that once covered with this foaming putty and shaped they would have seemed like something out of a science fiction movie used by alien predators. There was a four sided throwing disc that was a variation on their "death frisbees" that had been entirely covered with grips except for the razor edged four points. The Neanderthals would have had to hurl these weapons spinning at nearly 20m per second and they would have vaporized anything in front of them like a flying cuisinart.

Yes, those primitive Neanderthals with their bad caveman makeup and rubber appliances knew how to make fire, Virginia. So much so that you can't help but wonder if it was Homo Sapiens that learned to make it from him, not the other way around.

Mostly my brother Jacob tells nothing but lies, every once in a while he lets slip a little truth. It's an oversight and he usually corrects himself immediately afterwards.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Leeches or Producers : It Couldn't Be Simpler

In a declining civilization, the leeches come to the fore and drain the world dry. It's what they do. In Obama's native land Kenya the problem with this philosophy is that there is nothing to steal. Transplanted to America, this human lamprey can sink his fangs with his friends into the rich arterial blood of what was formerly the world's most successful free market economy. Socialism only lasts as long as it takes you to give away other people's money.

All civilizations reach a tipping point in which it becomes a better biological strategy to be a thief and a looter. It doesn't matter "right" or "wrong" for most human beings. They are animals who will pursue a strategy that is most advantageous for them. The left is amoral by nature and they feel an exhilarating surge of self-righteousness at doing what comes naturally to them. They are thieves by nature. It is ingrained in the deepest part of their internal psychology. To the bad man, bad is good. He doesn't understand why you would object to his thievery. It is the only code of ethics that he knows - what is yours is his and he can't comprehend how you could complain.

In order to understand these monsters, it is necessary to understand them. In their sick, twisted reality they are striking a blow for the underdog, not stealing what belongs to others. If they had a real conscience they'd know that this is immoral but they are missing the core of their brain (the amygdala) and so this never occurs to them.

I'm very good at judging the merits of ideas in terms of their ability to explain the evidence. I would say that r/K theory is indispensable to anyone who wants to understand why people are the way they are and why they do what they do. It is a key to many doors.

Neanderthals were the ultimate conservatives and they lasted at least a million years with these biological strategies. Homo Sapiens was the ultimate parasite. The hybrid product of both species displays the best and worst of both sides of that equation. You won't understand people until you understand what it is that motivates them to say and do the things they say and do. The real reasons for their behaviour is not what they claim, rather what is most advantageous to them.

Don't Buy Gold If You Don't Know Where It's From

If even the insiders are getting burned, how much fake gold is out there? I would venture to say there is a lot of it. This guy was supposed to be a trusted source.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chickenhawks, Neoconners & Armchair Rambos

The Republicrats make me sick. You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger clutch of cowards, warmongering desk dodgers and official members of the First Israeli Typing Corps. Let's you and him fight, I'll stay here because I have to go to college. Dying is something other people do based on my ideology. It's a sound ideology but I refrain from believing it, I'd rather others died in my place for the beliefs I advocate. Combat is like ... scary and stuff. People have guns like in DIEHARD and they shoot at you. A guy could get killed and that would interfere with my career.

 It wasn't convenient for me to go into the military either, fellas, but I am so glad I did because it means I don't have to look in the mirror and see some vile metrosexual puke like you staring back at me. The only thing on this earth worse than a Democrap Moonbat is a Neocon Republicrud.

Check out the guy who had to get a message from "God" to confirm he wasn't gay. Are you sure "God" would tell you if you were? Maybe he thinks you're a wee effete but he isn't saying anything to avoid hurting your feelings. If I need to get "God" to personally send me a revelation that I'm not gay I would say it is a pretty safe bet you're as gay as Mardi Gras. I pray to "God" for peace on earth, peace of mind and peace for mankind but I don't ask him if he can tell me me if I am gay or not.

These guys start to make the Democraps look good. I'd say the country is doomed if this is the future but I'd be about twenty years late. People like this already run the Kwa.

Kwanstain Shocked A Sodomite Got Sodomized In Libya After Being Crowned Emperor

Not a wise choice for such a post after you just got finished arming, backing and supplying a radical group in this region to overthrow the existing government.

This guy and Hillary spent a lot of time crowing about Gaddafi dying in much the same way. The irony of it all is too much to take seriously. I couldn't stand Gaddafi and I cannot believe what the U.S. government did to this guy. They should not be astonished the same people did this to Chris Stevens.

Kwanstainians are not competent to run a lemonade stand. If you put them in charge of a pizzeria during lunch break you'd come back to discover the place burned to the ground and open cannibalism in the neighboring streets. Also, they would not have sold a single pizza while you were gone.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Laboratory of Enki/Oannes/Ea

Leading proponent of the Out-Of-Africa theory tells the truth about the revelations of DNA sequencing

They don't know anything about anybody other than the Neanderthal. The Neanderthal is the old man of the earth. The others are riddles without solutions.

The fact is, they cannot explain where all these half-finished half-breeds and monstrous mixes come from without precursors and ancestors to serve as intermediaries. See why I think the way I do?

The only creature on the planet with a pedigree is the Neanderthal. All these others creatures? Nobody knows. Homo Sapiens is the biggest mystery of them all, a violent and irrational beast given over to the endless pursuit of bloodshed and warfare like it was a sporting event, bereft of reason, seemingly made to be a servant, a cogwheel in a regime.

Somebody didn't like the Neanderthals. They cobbled together a witches' brew to destroy them. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Gentlemen, behold the promethean frankenstein who will destroy the mighty Enkidu. They said it couldn't be done and yet I have done it, the Sumerian cuneiform tells us.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chimpmanzees Ready For Usual Foolishness

This generation has forgotten what war is - just like all the generations before it.

What fools send men abroad for trouble when their own land is beset by more ills than anyone could resolve in a lifetime? What need to go looking for dragons to slay in the nations of others when the dragon has already burned your home to ash? What is out there that could possibly be more important than the trouble which brews in your own country?

America has never known crisis on her own shores like that which she is laboring under now and are these people so stupid they believe the only reaction left to them is to open a new war which will be the most devastating of all?

Super Pneumonia Has Escaped Clinical Setting

Claims 7th Victim At Maryland

Spreads as an aerosol from sneezing, no known antibiotic phases it much.

As predicted by Vault-Co a decade ago, all these superbugs have escaped the hospitals now

You're going to have to make a decision in the near future. You have to decide if you want to die trusting the "experts" and their "infallibility" or you're going to have to consider natural antibiotics in your household. I personally believe that garlic capsules alone provide a human being with better protection against these casual invaders than anything a doctor is ever going to prescribe for you. A person with sense takes it every day and encourages all their family members to do same.

Studies have shown that unlike medical antibiotics, garlic actually helps strengthen your immune system over time by not wasting it's responses on minor germs.

Homo Sapiens Always Taking Credit For Things He Never Did

Jacob in Hebrew means Liar, Deceiver, Big Talker, Plagiarist, Swindler, Con Artist, To Stand On The Shoulders of Another, To Take Credit For What Someone Else Has Done.

Esau in Hebrew means Strong Man of The Earth, Man of Action, Doer Of Deeds, Competent Man, Man of Prowess, Problem Solver, Fixer, Man with Answers, Red Haired, Muscular, Hard Boned, Swift and Sure, One Who Knows Things, Man of Accomplishments, One Who Has Dominion.

I have known of their lies about horses for seven years.

Cro-Magnons/Homo Sapiens never domesticated a single animal in his entire history. Not one. He got these animals by raiding Neanderthal camps, slaughtering the inhabitants and dragging off their beautiful females. In terms of total accomplishments, I think only one real achievement can be credited to them in their whole existence ... and that was genociding the Neanderthals.

I believe the Neanderthals were bareback riders with possible cloth stirrups and reins going back 300,000 years and in fact may have hunted the Dire Wolf to extinction in this fashion using domesticated dogs to track them and kill them. Their main motivation might have been to protect their ever growing herds from predation by these wolves at twilight. Of all the animals, the most dangerous was the Dire Wolf because of it's capacity for group strategies. Other large predators like the Sabre Tooth Tiger were very dangerous but they had no social organization to coordinate attacks as a collective effort. You were never just fighting one Dire Wolf, you were always fighting an entire pack hunting your herds.

Homo Sapiens is a liar and he continues to stretch his elaborate story every time he gets caught in his lies but at this stage he cannot be taken seriously. Sapiens no more domesticated the horse than he did any other animal.

Neanderthals had the greatest love of animals that has ever been seen in any race of men that has ever lived. They are the ones who brought these creatures in from the wild and made them into their best friends. They are the only ones who ever exhibited these kinds of magical, marvelous qualities to do what seemed impossible.

If you yourself feel this kind of love towards animals sometimes you need to know it is the most natural thing in the world for you to experience these emotions. Sapiens will tell you that you are a weirdo and you need to learn how to socialize and besides these animals are not capable of feeling the same way we do about them. Don't you ever believe it. They don't know what they are talking about. The Neanderthal secret for a million years was turning wild animals into his best friends and companions.

UPDATE : A private email asked what makes me so certain these horse were domesticated :
"Leopard-spotted patterns in modern horses are sometimes linked with congenital problems such as stationary night blindness, perhaps explaining why any wild horses with them eventually died out long ago. As to why so many other horse fossils were found with them in the first place, perhaps this patterning provided camouflage in the snowy environments of the Stone Age, was attractive to mates or just stuck around due to random chance." 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Fifth Column Controlling The Currency

You could not choose a worse strategy at a worse time than "quantitative easement."

With people like this inside the walls of the city controlling the printing press for both the distribution of information and the production of fiat money, who needs enemies?

The population doesn't know enough about economics to stop them. They don't know enough about anything to stop anybody from doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. All it takes is to label the ancient vice of debauching the currency as "quantitative easement" and you just fooled 99.999% of the American population.

You could probably escape from prison in Kwanstainia by hailing one of the guards over and telling him, "You know, I think I'm in the wrong line. I'm actually supposed to be getting out of prison today."

Criminals are swarming over the Kwa like a horde of locusts and there is nobody left who is bright enough to even know that what they are doing is criminal.

The Melonhead controls Sapiens with simple verbal legerdemain and abstract semantic sleight-of-hand that would not fool a child.

Do you really, honestly believe this relationship could have arisen naturally? Would any naturally produced creature who is a result of adaptation be so submissive and simpleminded? I just don't see that being possible. As Voltaire said "There is no other species so like the domesticated breeds of animals we see in barns as man. He is unnatural by virtue of his easy obedience and docility which would not be true of a creature forged in the wild." Gotta love that Voltaire. The guy could say more in a few sentences than most people could say if they had a lifetime to do nothing but write.

Muslims Play Right Into Their Hands

They are reacting knee-jerk to a very poorly made film that likely had a budget of a few thousand dollars

The film was designed to get this reaction from them so the U.S. and Israel can build tensions for war.

War generates profits in the billions of dollars the first couple of weeks. Do you really think somebody would not spend $5000.00 on that cheap, cheesy movie to deliberately enrage the Muslims and provide a pretext to kicking off their much-anticipated war in the Middle East?

This is why I have said that Melonheads know how to push buttons on their ass monkey Homo Sapiens to get outcomes they desire. Homo Sapiens is their slave and always does as he is told. If they want war, they create one until it becomes useful to have a spell of peace. They are farmers and Sapiens is their barnyard stock. They allow them to grow to full size and then they harvest them. This is the fate of a beast like a chicken or a cow. It exists to serve for a while and then it is killed when it is expedient or no longer needed. Melonheads run the slaughteryards by creating wars that neither they nor any of their families ever fight in.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kwanstainians Are Morons

They are. They will never get better. They are not smart enough to do anything. I mean ... anything, right.

Civilizations are founded by Neanderthals and their children. They are torn down by Homo Sapiens, who are too stupid to run a lemonade stand, much less a civilization. They choose their leaders according to their own lights and these leaders are the best qualified people to run it all straight into the ground.

It's called debauchment and all fiat money ends this way. It concludes with people pushing wheelbarrels filled with stacks of million dollar bills to the corner store to buy a loaf of bread and inflation so rapid it renders all earnings worthless within 24 hours of payday.

True Value of ZOGBux = Zero

Sooner than later, the whole world is going to figure out that the U.S. dollar is a piece of paper with nothing behind it.

Thus all empires die again and again in an orgy of fiat currency and war. Man is not a learning animal.

Nietzsche was right. Without a change of actors, this play would be unbearable to see repeated so often.

People wonder why ten years ago I believed they would disappear with a bang not a whimper. This is why. I had a strong sense that things would happen just so, just as they have happened. I don't pretend to be a prophet and the reason I foresaw all this is because I understand natural consequences and history.

I trusted my ancestors and the evidence and did not care for my contemporaries or listen to my self-styled "teachers." This is why I was better than they were at seeing where it was going.

Sorry I keep reposting this but it's always good for a laugh. This is what the edjumafacashun system in the West has produced.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

UPDATE : Of Course, Anybody With A Brain Already Figured This Out

Subversive troublemaker and creepy foreign agent is truly hoisted by his own petard

Who armed those radicals? Who gave them the backing to kill Gaddafi? If you taught them it was a good thing to kill tyrants what made you think they wouldn't come after you next? What did you ever do for these people other than insult their faith and goad them into reprisals while occupying their country?

It's okay when we arm them to kill Gaddafi but not to kill our own occupiers and tyrants

We told these people if they overthrew Gaddafi they would get freedom.

What they got was ugly insulting propaganda about their prophet clearly designed to enflame them. Backing radicals with promises their nation will become a secular toilet like the Kwanstain is most unwise.

The only difference between these guys and Christians is that modern Christians won't kill people who insult their theology. Otherwise, you poke the tiger with a stick then maybe you shouldn't cry when he bites you.

More of the same bad policy is sure to follow. America has plenty of problems on their own soil, they need to bring all troops home and stay out of other people's business.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, Kwanstain. If you kneel at the foot of Israel and play on her chessboard of strategic militarism then it shouldn't come as too big a shock when you discover the truth - you are only a pawn in this game. Nobody cares when a pawn gets knocked off the board.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

50 Year War on Drugs is Abject Failure

The Government Loves It Too Much To Ever Admit It

Nothing expands the State like trying to eliminate human weakness. It's impossible.

The "War on Drugs" has Created Narco-Superstates with their own submarine fleets and air forces. The "War on Drugs" is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the wicked on this planet, it expedites all of their schemes.

At the turn of the century in America you could walk into any pharmacy in the country and buy a watermelon-sized bag of heroin for 8 cents. The country had drug addicts but they never much hurt anyone but themselves with this wretched vice.

Globowarmthinkery Ponzi Carbonics Scheme Collapses Into Laughable Heap of Rubble

It beats having to go to a day job if you can get it, fellas.

Better go on strike and see if you can squeeze the taxpayers for some more money to turn their kids into illiterate drooling vegetables. This Gramci scam is all scammed out.

Scienmajists Struggle In The Wake of Robert Felix's Pristine and Lucid Brilliance

You can see the tiny wheels turning in the brains of these original Home Eck majors.

Shoulda stuck with something you were qualified for.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chuck Norris - Avert Your Gaze!

Poor Doomed Man Forgets You Can't Look Chuck Norris Directly in the Eyes - He's a Reduced Power SCP-173 Euclid :

Major Quakes All Over Indonesia

Stresses on the Eurasian Plate Are Increasing Significantly Day By Day

Only a matter of time before they begin to become serious emergencies in the entire region.

They seem to be increasing in severity as we approach the Solar Max.

Obama Nakedly Outed

El Presidente has come out of the closet and most people would like him to go right back in there.

Elect madmen for leaders, get leaders who are lunatics. It is that simple.

Kwanstainian political system is a joke.

Homeland Security Police

The right to beat things to death for the common good.

Cops in the Kwa are running wild. They are literally self-styled demigods with no limitations. The "War on Terrorists" has freed them up to behave like wild animals. They know no right, no wrong, no anything. There is only the savage satisfaction of inflicting pain on things. This is a 1000 year step backwards for civilization and it is justified by the "need to stop the terrorists."

Australia Moves To Buy Colossal Drone Fleet

Replacing a military with robots.

We told you about this at Vault-Co almost ten years ago. Meat machines are expensive to keep in barracks. expensive to provide medical care, food and housing to. Robots are cheaper and they never complain about their duty assignments. It's a no-brainer that the Terminators are coming. They are an irresistible option.

This Is Why We Need Legalization

I've never touched drugs in my life and I think they should all be deregulated to the exact same level that they were in the 1900's when you could purchase them at the pharmacy.

Once you allot the government the responsibility for protecting you from your own folly, they will bring the hammer down on your ass with impunity. I would rather have all drugs legalized than have a world where the military can land a BlackHawk chopper in my backyard at any time using the excuse they are "looking for illegal drugs." It is carte blanche to introduce a police state.

Monsanto Poisons World Food Supply, Still Gets Their Ass Kicked By A Corn Worm

Mother Nature calls your bluff and raises you an extinction event.

Fun with famine and other scienmajistical victories.

Brain Improvamentation

When your brain gets enriched, you are truly enrichmented.

Have you been enriched? Loss of feeling in toes, hands, either side of your body, blindness, stroke? This means the improvamentation is truly improvamenting you.

Obama Surges In Polls, Gun Sales Skyrocket

Americans are packing them into every nook and cranny in their home.

This is always a hopeful sign. It shows that not everybody in the Kwa is missing their amygdala.

Just most of them.

The rest of the economy is deep in quickbog and soon to vanish. Maybe everybody could get a job selling each other guns and bullets.

Media twinks shrieking, of course. They can't stand people who act as if the government may let them down when the time comes. They consider it sin to express a lack of faith in their "god," the State. These same twinks say Christianity is silly and just made up gibberish. (but Marxism is infallible and originates with the divine)

The achilles heel of the manboon brain is it's vanity and it is through this leaky hole in their head that all kinds of corrupt ideas are inserted from the time they can walk to the time they graduate school. By the time they are of age, they are hopelessly confused. Every true thing is false for them, every false thing is true. They are not reformable after they reach this age and in nature they would rarely reproduce being dumb enough to hang on authority to do all their thinking for them.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guff'n'mint Still Stealing Private Gold 80 Years After Great Depression

No statute of limitations on stealin' sh*t. It beats working for a living.

People who think they won't go into your safe deposit box in the coming year and take it right out from under your nose are living in a dream world. They'd tear the shirt off your back if they had paperwork saying it was okay.

The Guff'N'Mint is what happens when thieves get together and get organized. They got paperwork with ribbons on it and sh*t saying it's okay now, which proves it is not thieving.

No difference between the bandits who used to come through once a year and raid farm villages, except these guys are stationary and work in an office. Which means it's official. Besides, riding horses and raiding villages is too much like real work for these clowns. They want you to bring the loot to them and lay it at their feet.

How do they get away with it? Manboons have shorter memories than mayflies.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hidden History of "Mankind"

More from Klaus Dona. I love this guy, I could listen for hours with delight at how much clarity there is here. You listen to Dona and you start to see the larger picture emerge worldwide and it sweeps aside all the confusion that a college edjamafacashun will leave you with.

There was a worldwide seafaring empire which we remember as "Atlantis," or perhaps "Lemuria." This empire was run by the oldest of all the hominid/bipedal races, the Melonheads as I call them affectionately to summarize their huge brain volumes compared to ours.

Before you label the Melonheads as absolute monsters, think about the United States carpet bombing unarmed civilians in urban areas of no military significance in Iraq. They have killed perhaps 800,000 civilians (mostly women and children) in Iraq alone in a single year. It's just one of fifty nations that the United States has been bombing in the last 80 years which has never resulted in "freedom" or "democracy" for any of them. How easy it to call people monsters and ascribe ourselves the most angelic of motives for doing much worse.

To try to understand, consider the possibility that the Melonheads were the originals and both Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens are different types of cloned species. Think of the callous way that the "civilized" West treats people with limited capacity to defend themselves and then you will see that perhaps the Melonheads regarded these other races in much the same way.

What do 33,000 skeletons of children sacrificed at Malta have to compare with nearly a million women and children killed in Iraq in a single year?

Of these races, perhaps the only one of them that had any virtue (not necessarily meaning they were "good," in any way) was the xenophobic and reclusive Neanderthal, content to spend his life wrestling with his beloved animals and painting everything in sight with a beautiful palette of colors. Of the two races it is fair to say that the men who tended to make things better (not for everybody but for themselves and their people) were the Neanderthals, who seemed to be able to take any short stretch of land and turn it into a mini-paradise, a garden of Eden in the middle of nowhere.

Melonheads accomplished great things with their huge monolithic construction and certainly one would never think of them as eccentric or clownish like the Neanderthal, who was always a bit of a madman - but a nice madman in his way. Of the two races, it is easy to see that both of them might have tolerated each other for a spell but at some point they decided it would be one or the other who would inherit the earth. I have guessed it was the Melonheads who reached this conclusion first but this is only an informed guess.

See the Writing On The Wall

Putin along with China stockpiling gold reserves in anticipation of the complete collapse of the world financial system in the near future.

Respect to the leaders of these countries to simply accept what is happening and prepare accordingly, instead of curling up into a ball and hiding in a safe corner like the "leadership" of the Western world in total withdrawal from reality.

The other governments say "stockpile precious metals to protect us from hyperinflation."

The West says "Print more money. Goo gah gah gah think of a happy place."

Our leaders are failed people. They are not only personal failures, they have failed everyone else around them who has put their trust in them. A good man would at least resign his position but that's just another thing they fail to demonstrate any leadership in. If I were Julia Gillard or Barack Obama I would at least recognize that I stink at my job and it is time to hand the reins over to somebody else. If I were Mitt Romney I wouldn't even bother to run at all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Victory for Bolshevism

The European Union is another great bolshevist plan for prosperity that has turned out as expected.


It is quite cheering to see how naturally prosperity flows to Western people when they are simply left alone. So much prosperity, in fact, that it inevitably gives rise to a class of theatrical buffoons who tell you they have worked out a far superior organizational scheme than simple human freedom. The worth of this system is always demonstrated by the fact it has to then be forced onto unwilling people using force.

When this class of people (God forbid) sail over a cliff in a schoolbus and plunge into the sea, you will notice in the brief period it takes for them to be replaced that everything seems to get a whole lot better rapidly in their absence. This is because there is no superior organizational scheme to human freedom. That won't stop every generation from producing a new cabal of wretched conmen who claim to have a magic snake oil that will replace liberty. Where liberty is replaced, life sucks. Sometimes it takes a while for it all to fall apart. If you're in the middle of it somewhere and you're not very bright, you likely think it is working. A wise man knows that it is never working. It is simply winding down to it's natural conclusion which is often rivers of blood and babies, the other white meat.

Freedom without a homogeneous culture becomes a form of anarchy. Liberty under a framework of principles the individual can live by produces a society that is as close to a utopia as the crooked timber of mankind is ever likely to get.

Fraud Is Fraud and Fraud Is Crime

U.N. "scientists" plead for immunity to prosecution over pending charges of fraud

Scienmajistics is a "science" where you have to plea bargain for a pardon for what you have said in public.

Do honest people with a sincere interest in science of any kind do things like this? I don't think so.

There are a half dozen countries talking about charging scientists with criminal fraud over Climategate and their own incriminating emails to each other. This is the response of these "scienmajists."

I would say that had I gone into climate science, I can scarcely imagine any situation that could arise where I would start to beg for immunity to prosecution. After all, if I simply reported the data and my own conclusions, what would I have to fear? If I were caught sending emails to my peers laughing at how stupid people are and how we are all going to clean up over this bogus hoax, then I might consider asking for immunity to prosecution. I would probably seek this kind of exemption because it would be obvious I was a fake, a criminal and a fraud.

The correct thing to do in the old days was to resign your position effective immediately. Instead, these thieves and bastards are asking for the equivalent of a pardon. It is difficult to conceive of such calumny. This problem sounds more and more like a matter for criminal prosecution for conspiracy and racketeering.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Melonhead Corporate Facilities On Malta

The Horrific Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni.

We have linked to this before but I thought some may have not seen it. I was talking about it on another forum.

Interesting summary of the Hypogeum and surrounding labyrinth that covers the entire island.

I still think their primary headquarters is sealed under the Arctic Ice. This was a major branch office.

One pit that was formerly open to the public, now closed, was filled with an estimated 33,000 thousand skeletons, mostly of children and young girls. Recently it is as if the curators have begun to realize just how bizarre all this is ever since it was declared a World Heritage Site and have started to restrict access. In particular, the story of the missing school children and their teachers has spread far on the internet. Right about the time it was declared a World Heritage site, all those melonhead skulls began to vanish from the site one by one.
 Notice the mention of no lamp oil residues and no torch or lantern mounts. Did they use a form of lighting that did not need combustion or could they see in the dark? Who builds a six hundred acre underground super bunker with nine levels (that we know of)  that requires no light sources?

Look at the sleeping lady. That is abstract artwork worthy of Picasso. Where are the precursors? This race was separate from those around them, they were on a completely different trajectory.

It is very likely that successive waves of conquerors may have looted the place since the Melonheads were driven off, it is possible there were (and may still be) far more interesting artifacts to be found in this place, particularly in those parts sealed off by the British.

Malta government has sealed off vast parts of access recently, particularly to the lower levels and the "scream canyons" which we have very clear eyewitness testimony exist down there. These are actually connected to caverns in the deeper parts which go to the sea. For all we know they could once have served as access for submarines to dock through underground passages. Oannes/Ea/Dagon would have had no problems coming and going by this route with his breathing helmet and fins.

I really wish I was making this stuff up.

You have some real fringe nuts who claim there are tunnels from Malta to the Vatican which were described by a monk in the 1400's in detail. Okay, if I keep talking about this I am going to give myself nightmares. These were some scary dudes that ran this facility and they are still scary today. (Selective use by this guy to always conceal his skull with cap or his long hair)

British Paying 49% More For Basic Staple Foods

Climate is cold, wet and suffers from repeated sudden frosts spoiling crops

Sorry, looks like this planet is converting to a game of musical chairs with enough chairs to go around for 10 people in 100. The rest of them starve if they have to pay these kinds of rates for basic foodstuffs.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mega CME Misses Earth By A Hair

Skimmed right past the atmosphere just a little ways off.

Would have sent the planet right back to the 12th century in technology.

ITZ School For 'Stainians

Some know in the 'Stain it is just around the corner

They can sense it, barrage of televitzery gibberish notwithstanding.