Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guff'n'mint Still Stealing Private Gold 80 Years After Great Depression

No statute of limitations on stealin' sh*t. It beats working for a living.

People who think they won't go into your safe deposit box in the coming year and take it right out from under your nose are living in a dream world. They'd tear the shirt off your back if they had paperwork saying it was okay.

The Guff'N'Mint is what happens when thieves get together and get organized. They got paperwork with ribbons on it and sh*t saying it's okay now, which proves it is not thieving.

No difference between the bandits who used to come through once a year and raid farm villages, except these guys are stationary and work in an office. Which means it's official. Besides, riding horses and raiding villages is too much like real work for these clowns. They want you to bring the loot to them and lay it at their feet.

How do they get away with it? Manboons have shorter memories than mayflies.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

One of the best descriptions of Guff´n´Mint ever. This Gold hoarding is everywhere nowdays, we even got TV-commercials where they ask you to give it to them in exchange for some funnymonies (€uros). If possible, i want to hog some Gold too.

njartist said...

Does this mean that if the government could figure out what percent of their wealth the Kennedy mob derives from Joe Kennedy's liquor smuggling, the government can seize that wealth?

Garry Joe said...

Problem with gold is you can't eat it.

Stored food and potable water, will be worth more than gold, if something bad happens.