Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fraud Is Fraud and Fraud Is Crime

U.N. "scientists" plead for immunity to prosecution over pending charges of fraud

Scienmajistics is a "science" where you have to plea bargain for a pardon for what you have said in public.

Do honest people with a sincere interest in science of any kind do things like this? I don't think so.

There are a half dozen countries talking about charging scientists with criminal fraud over Climategate and their own incriminating emails to each other. This is the response of these "scienmajists."

I would say that had I gone into climate science, I can scarcely imagine any situation that could arise where I would start to beg for immunity to prosecution. After all, if I simply reported the data and my own conclusions, what would I have to fear? If I were caught sending emails to my peers laughing at how stupid people are and how we are all going to clean up over this bogus hoax, then I might consider asking for immunity to prosecution. I would probably seek this kind of exemption because it would be obvious I was a fake, a criminal and a fraud.

The correct thing to do in the old days was to resign your position effective immediately. Instead, these thieves and bastards are asking for the equivalent of a pardon. It is difficult to conceive of such calumny. This problem sounds more and more like a matter for criminal prosecution for conspiracy and racketeering.


Garry Joe said...

I know some people that will be very interested in that.

hitfan said...

"The least well off in our communities have been hit hardest by increased food and energy prices as biofuel production supplants food production - all at a time when well-funded climatologists continue to oppose any and all independent auditing of their computer climate models."

I absolutely despise the ethanol mandate. The most ill-conceived policy, and yet most people go "meh" because they seem to think that corn can just grow out of thin air like a perpetual motion machine. Where do you think the fertilizer to grow the corn comes from? It takes 1.1 barrels of oil in energy to produce a single barrel of energy equivalent ethanol. An energy loser, but the public is too stupid to comprehend basic mathematics.

The libs constantly ask us to "question authority" when it suits their cultural Marxist ends. I question the motives of the entire global warming meme, but now I am an idiot or a shill because I don't buy 100% what they're saying.

If global warming is true, then why do its' proponents look like such scammers when they promote a theory that is telling us of a gigantic tragedy of the commons that is in the making?