Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dismal Tide : Kwanstainian Ghoul Busters

During the Dark Ages, one of your biggest worries after death was being harvested by grave robbers and savages who would sell you piecemeal to medical schools, witches and alchemists.

Nothing has changed because man hasn't changed. The biggest change is the loss of the gossamer film that was Christianity protecting us all from this.

Speaking from an atheist point of view (after all, I was one for sixteen years) I am certain that nothing sets the demons of mankind loose like secular arguments. Once the common man no longer thinks of humanity as a divine creation made in God's image, it frees up all kinds of butchers and carnal cannibals who define men as simply another kind of meat to be harvested for various purposes.

One of the bulwarks standing between us and the madness of the beast that is inside men is religion. It is a paper thin wall that gives way easily once it is abandoned, having little strength outside of what we surrender to it. Once it gives way, all kinds of rabid lunacy pours in and cracks away the thin veneer called civilization.

Most of you won't know until you are too old for it to matter just how much Christian theology was able to restrain our native psychopaths and sociopaths. It is always a thorn in their sides and that is why they were so eager to do away with it as soon as the opportunity presented itself.


styrac said...

You have to wonder. How many times did Christianity came close to being eradicated and then somehow, miraculously, emerged even stronger? It has survived and outplayed all the heresies that were competing with it for power in the early Christian era, making them nothing but a footnote in History. It has survived a schism between between Eastern and Western Christianity that shook its foundations. It has survived a second schism within Western Christianity that shook it even more. Persecutions from the Roman era to 20th century Russia where now it emerged once again stronger than ever. Don't worry, Christianity, being the real thing, will never die. It has already found a new host in Russia and the number of converts in the Far East is also on the rise, and those nations and cultures that will embrace it are the ones that will lead the future. On the other hand, the ones who have abandoned it and now are actively persecuting it (West) are the ones who are going to DIE. Being part of the "West" today is the equivalent of being part of the Communist block in the post WW II era. EU countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal are Albanias and Bulgarias in the waiting being ruled jointly by the neo-bolshevist headquarters of Brussels/Washington DC.

HalibetLector said...

That's an interesting argument. So you're saying that Christianity's enforcement of a societal moral code protects us from having our graves robbed, yet mention it was rampant in the dark ages. Are we talking about the same dark ages where the majority religion was Catholicism? What about the well documented evidence that organized religion is a good breeding ground for the very same sociopaths and psychopaths you say Christianity is able to restrain?

I'm not so sure religion is the deciding factor here. People with good intentions get good things out of Christianity, I'm sure. People with bad intentions will use whatever is at their disposal to justify their actions, devout christian or no.

So what is the deciding factor, here? Are some people just inherently good and some bad? Is it their adherence to a moral code, whether that be religious or one taught by their parents? Or social pressure?

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Not just Christian theology. I've spent a couple of semester studying Buddhism and its spread through Asia. It was also very helpful in taming the beasts within men.

Texas Arcane said...

HalibetLector -

See Styrac post.

It's not about what you are going to do about Christianity. It is about how little you are going to do without it.

You will simply be replaced by men in other lands practicing a far more masculine and authentic version of Christianity. Just because your secular nation dies doesn't mean Christianity dies. Christianity is bigger than you and you can rest assured the Gospel of Christ will still be the banner of successful civilizations a thousand years after you are not even dust.

Texas Arcane said...

Styrac -

Incredibly, it looks to be transforming the Chinese people into something very powerful. If it leads them to overturn their decadent communist rulers and replace them with men informed by the Gospel it will be them setting foot on Mars and harvesting the asteroid belts, you can be sure of it.

styrac said...

Sure there is much oppression, totalitarianism, corruption and horrible working conditions in China . However, the Chinese population seems to be aware that this is a situation they have to tolerate and even accept, for a period of time, as a sacrifice necessary in order to build a nation strong enough on all levels - economic, military - to meet the challenges that lie ahead and which seem more and more inevitable every day. They know that the current form of government and socio/economic organization gives them a big advantage over their western rivals. So change can wait and will come naturally and peacefully when time is right, without jeopardizing all their progress and putting them at the risk of the globalists seizing the opportunity to turn them into another colony, since the Chinese are smart and know better than shooting themselves in the foot. And as with everything else, they've made great advances with their space program too.

L said...

I have a friend who looks to the Christianisation of the Chinese as the world's one hope of avoiding Ragnorak. Christian Chinese, his hopes go, won't push the button on the West because of the value they place on human life. I then ask him what's restraining the West from doing it first. That's the big sticking point

L said...


First century Christianity was never something imposed from without. It was something that someone would adopt in spite of the pressures and persecutions of society. As such, they tended to be committed to the redemptive tenets of the faith. When your livelihood and life are on the line, you don't tend to stick around if your not committed. That's one of the biggest reasons Christianity thrives under persecution. The other is the Christian drive to emulate the sacrificial nature of their founder. Again and again the New Testament exhorts Christ's followers to take up their cross and lay down their lives for their enemies so that those enemies might be saved too. Therefore you have a group of people who believe, as the apostle Paul said, "to live is Christ and to die is gain". Its an unstoppable combination.

Medieval Christianity was the unholy marriage of an ignorant post-civilisational collapse populace and the institutionalisation of a belief system that only has integrity when its leaders are at the bottom of the food chain. The Catholic hierarchy, from the parish priest to the pope, with their robes and titles and power, are the antithesis of Biblical leadership. As vernacular translations of the Bible were banned, and the people (and much of the low-ranking clergy) were largely illiterate, the Church could get away with anything. As the faith was being imposed from above, those that do not feel constrained by social conventions (ie. the sociopaths) were likewise unrestrained by religious tenets.