Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chimpmanzees Ready For Usual Foolishness

This generation has forgotten what war is - just like all the generations before it.

What fools send men abroad for trouble when their own land is beset by more ills than anyone could resolve in a lifetime? What need to go looking for dragons to slay in the nations of others when the dragon has already burned your home to ash? What is out there that could possibly be more important than the trouble which brews in your own country?

America has never known crisis on her own shores like that which she is laboring under now and are these people so stupid they believe the only reaction left to them is to open a new war which will be the most devastating of all?


Garry Joe said...

Sitara said...

Some amazing coicidences right before this armada suddenly emerged onto Iran's shores. First, we have that tape that sent some Muslims into a frenzy. Then, incredibly well timed, a rocket attack on the embassy in Libya where the ambassador was killed. Then at almost the same time a bunch of 'Afghans' dressed in Kwan uniforms attack the very camp where Britain's prince Harry is chillaxing. They don't succeed in killing him ofcourse, but that was never the point.

And now, when the western public is well and truly riled up, this armada shows up for some 'drills' and ensuring the supply of oil remains unbroken.

Zionists truly are a sick, sick breed. They will not hesitate to kill their own people, nor hesitate to mentally destroy them and ruin their lives and family's, a fate that can be much worse than death, to achieve their insane and satanic goals. Not only that, but the wretched, zionist allied House of Saud is in the middle of all this (they have ships in the armada). To think, not even Muhammad (PBUH) named Arabia 'Muhammadi Arabia' and these bloody sand monkeys have the gall to rename a historical and critical nation as if they own it.

Truly, mankind forgets the lessons their ancestors learned very very quickly. It takes having them see their own lopped off body parts, and the blood of their family members pooling around them, to finally knock some semblance of sense into them. By then ofcourse, it is usually too late.

Michelle said...

Garry Joe said...

Obama flags Muhammad Movie Trailer

Bob said...

the Iranians have shown huge levels of restraint over the years in regards to US/Israeli goading. theyve endured sanctions, CIA funded pro democracy groups, assassinations on nuclear scientists, secret military incursions by sea, air and land, the shooting down of civilian airliners, attacks on their navy as well as military exercises replicating an attack on their nuclear facilities. these ongoing threats of attack are yet another form of provocation. Militarily Iran is not Iraq, they wont be a walkover. In the past Iran has hinted at having 50,000 agents living in certain western countries. Iran has aircraft carrier sinking surface to sea missiles placed along the shores by the straits of hormuz. its going to be an interesting year.