Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chickenhawks, Neoconners & Armchair Rambos

The Republicrats make me sick. You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger clutch of cowards, warmongering desk dodgers and official members of the First Israeli Typing Corps. Let's you and him fight, I'll stay here because I have to go to college. Dying is something other people do based on my ideology. It's a sound ideology but I refrain from believing it, I'd rather others died in my place for the beliefs I advocate. Combat is like ... scary and stuff. People have guns like in DIEHARD and they shoot at you. A guy could get killed and that would interfere with my career.

 It wasn't convenient for me to go into the military either, fellas, but I am so glad I did because it means I don't have to look in the mirror and see some vile metrosexual puke like you staring back at me. The only thing on this earth worse than a Democrap Moonbat is a Neocon Republicrud.

Check out the guy who had to get a message from "God" to confirm he wasn't gay. Are you sure "God" would tell you if you were? Maybe he thinks you're a wee effete but he isn't saying anything to avoid hurting your feelings. If I need to get "God" to personally send me a revelation that I'm not gay I would say it is a pretty safe bet you're as gay as Mardi Gras. I pray to "God" for peace on earth, peace of mind and peace for mankind but I don't ask him if he can tell me me if I am gay or not.

These guys start to make the Democraps look good. I'd say the country is doomed if this is the future but I'd be about twenty years late. People like this already run the Kwa.


Garry Joe said...

Ted Nugent makes his point very clearly
(on gun control)

Garry Joe said...

Liberal Hypocrisy

Garry Joe said...

"Barack Obama, in my judgment, is a Fabian socialist," conservative commentator and author Patrick J. Buchanan said on tonight's broadcast of "On the Record" on the FOX News Channel. "You saw the redistribution, and by that I mean he's not Bernie Sanders who is out in the open and honest about it, but he's a Fabian socialist who wants to move through gradualism and reform step by step until a majority of Americans are dependent upon government. When that happens the party of government wins every election."

Astrosmith said...

My favorite was the guy that said "What if I become like a great speaker and stuff?"

Better go sign up, like, right now, buddy.