Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Victory for Bolshevism

The European Union is another great bolshevist plan for prosperity that has turned out as expected.


It is quite cheering to see how naturally prosperity flows to Western people when they are simply left alone. So much prosperity, in fact, that it inevitably gives rise to a class of theatrical buffoons who tell you they have worked out a far superior organizational scheme than simple human freedom. The worth of this system is always demonstrated by the fact it has to then be forced onto unwilling people using force.

When this class of people (God forbid) sail over a cliff in a schoolbus and plunge into the sea, you will notice in the brief period it takes for them to be replaced that everything seems to get a whole lot better rapidly in their absence. This is because there is no superior organizational scheme to human freedom. That won't stop every generation from producing a new cabal of wretched conmen who claim to have a magic snake oil that will replace liberty. Where liberty is replaced, life sucks. Sometimes it takes a while for it all to fall apart. If you're in the middle of it somewhere and you're not very bright, you likely think it is working. A wise man knows that it is never working. It is simply winding down to it's natural conclusion which is often rivers of blood and babies, the other white meat.

Freedom without a homogeneous culture becomes a form of anarchy. Liberty under a framework of principles the individual can live by produces a society that is as close to a utopia as the crooked timber of mankind is ever likely to get.


Garry Joe said...

"China covers up death of top official's son after he crashed Ferrari 'while playing sex games with two semi-naked girls'"

"Ling Gu, 23 - the son of Ling Jihua, who ranks fourth in the all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee - was killed when he lost control of his black Ferrari 458 Spider on Beijing's North Fourth Ring Road in the early hours of March 18.

Commie leader's kids driving around in $600,000 cars, filled with drugs and hookers? How does that work? :)

Chris from Sydney said...

Hi Tex, I know the article is 2 weeks old, but I thought you might enjoy giggling at these homo-saps who think they can force reality to conform to their bizzare ideology.

Sitara said...

Criticizing Israel is now a crime in California: (note that both repubs and demokrats voted for this)

Hey Kwans, howz that 'Hope' and 'Change' workin out for ya?

Garry Joe said...

"Evans says high-ranking Israeli leaders also tell him they have a secret weapon they intend to deploy for any strikes, but they would not tell Evans what that weapon is. He believes the likely weapon is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which would cripple Iran’s power grid."

Garry Joe said...

Jumping over the shark again! lol

DNC County Chairman: Christians Want Jewish People to Die

Garry Joe said...

This is why I like Southerners:

African Americans for Obama vs European Americans for David Duke

Garry Joe said...

Cultural Marxism: A CIS Story

For me this is black humor, because these people pretty much control all white countries.

KW Jackson said...

@Garry Joe.
You know that every member of the Politburo SC is a billionaire? That Marxism has and always will be just another way to fleece the taxpayer with violence and extortion. All forms of government are the same thing: tax farming.

It's coming, the battle for freedom (again). And those who don't want to be responsible for themselves will fight us and kill us and kill our babies so they never have to experience genuine moral responsibility (again).

I'm so tired of this. It's almost like groundhog day (12:01) over a thousand lifetimes.

Garry Joe said...

Good video for everyone. This guy knows them well.

Recognising a Cultural Marxist

This should be taught to all kids in school, so we can expose these bastards early.

Texas Arcane said...

KWJackson -

Ditto all.

It's tedious.

Our ancestors shed rivers of blood. The best people in Europe fought Cromwell and Napoleon and the Rothschilds and the Vatican over and over again. How many of the good ones can we afford to lose over the long centuries? How many of the good ones are you going to have left when they are always dying because the other 3/4 of the population are jackasses?

Anyway, I bellyache enough on Vault-Co about this all the time.

I'm in a mood to sit this one out in Australia and that's what I am doing. I am trying to imagine getting a head of steam going about fighting these bastards and I see it as having happened one too many times, this same struggle. Maybe that means I am not one of the good ones.

I guess it's the idea of fighting to save the rest of the population from their own stupidity that bothers me most. What's in it for me when that crap is over? Most of the Founding Fathers died paupers. What was in it for them?

If the halfwits want socialism again in America under RomneyBama, let them have it say I. I am not fighting on anyone's behalf but my immediate family if I have to fight ever for anything.

This is what learning history will do to you. It makes you feel really tired like Bill Murray in GroundHog Day.

Texas Arcane said...

Once you've learned enough you hear people say "but yeah this isn't like that, this is something new and different" and all I can think is this is the same play except with different actors, new costumes and different settings. It's like watching WAITING FOR GODOT one billion times in a row.

Garry Joe said...

KW Jackson said...
"You know that every member of the Politburo SC is a billionaire?"

From what I understand their kids are utterly corrupt. They send them to the best schools in white countries and they go nuts on drugs, fast cars and whores. What that means for China, is its next generation of leadership, will be a bunch of Neros.

Tex said:
"I guess it's the idea of fighting to save the rest of the population from their own stupidity that bothers me most. What's in it for me when that crap is over? Most of the Founding Fathers died paupers. What was in it for them?"

I'm not fighting to save anyone. I want to separate from these low IQ bastards, but they are like a creeping sickness, they keep spreading.

These groups popped up in Australia, only this year. From what I hear TPTB decided to bring what was so successful in the USA, to Australia:

Online Hate Prevention Institute (see the names on the board)

Government funded, encouraging "good citizens" to become informers.

So it seems only a nuclear war will slow these rats down, because no matter what the provocation, whites will not say boo to them.

styrac said...

I believe all this comes down at striking at the very basis of our civilization according to the NWO plan - which is the family. Property means family.

Since the dawn of history only a minority of 30% to 40% of men were able to pass on their genes to the next generation. With the invention of agriculture the lesser or beta males for the first time stood a chance to have sexual access and become part of the percentage that would pass on their genes by compensating their lack of "alphaness" with property and by taking the role of the provider who offers a stable environment for the raising of children. This was an arrangement good enough for women to accept the lesser genes of such men.

But now, by taking away property, means that you put explosives on the very foundation of civilization.

Women are more likely to become single mothers passing the genes of occasional and absent alpha lovers if they know the government will provide for them via welfare, so the beta male (which is the majority of males) is losing his market value, is less motivated to work for the sake of raising a family and in turn more likely to rely on government welfare too. Women are encouraged to go for the guy they want, not the one they can have. Playing Mr Nice-Family-Guy just won't do the trick anymore and the discouragement of women to seek providers is also enhanced through 24/7 media propaganda and series like Sex and the City.

Texas Arcane said...

Styrac -

"Beta" males meaning stable and with impulse control. "Beta" in Homo Sapiens is "Alpha Prime" in Neanderthal societies.

In Sapiens societies the dominant males are the psychopaths and sociopaths with high risk taking, impulse control problems, compromised integrity and rule breaker mentality. These were regarded as inferior people in Neanderthal tribes.

The great thing about the West over the past three hundred years is that it evolved a system whereby (perhaps accidentally) it was starting to promote larger brains, better impulse control, anticipation of outcomes, rewards for rule following and adherence to principle, all characteristic of better people. It didn't last long.

hitfan said...

"I guess it's the idea of fighting to save the rest of the population from their own stupidity that bothers me most."

I see this problem in conservatives all the time. The society they're fighting to preserve is on an evident decline, but they must make platitudes that "America is great" and a "land of opportunity" when clearly it is not.

And by offering a countervailing force against liberalism, the conservative movement is really just keeping the host alive as along as possible as the ticks and lampreys keep feeding from it.