Friday, September 28, 2012

Ancient Melonhead Rock Art

Thanks to a post from a guest here I found this picture! I have searched for it for a long time and been unable to find it on the internet. I saw this picture in a coffee table book a long, long time ago.

Rock Art found on the Chad Plateau at a place called Ennedi, a mountain fortress with a natural oasis.

These people's skulls were found in Africa and they vanished down the memory hole like all the others. They were called the Boskops by anthropologists. Tell me where to see these skulls on display, I'd love to get a link to a museum somewhere. I won't be holding my breath. See the Wikipedia entry is basically "Nothing much to see here people please keep moving along and all the recovered skulls seem to have vanished whoodathunkit."

Notice they are walking along with cattle  and domesticated animals, leading them somewhere. These are not aliens or interdimensional travelers or beings of supernatural origin. These are regular old bipedal humans with much, much larger skull volumes than Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal peoples. Not Neanderthals. Not Homo Sapiens. The Third Hominin. The one that answers all the questions about the other two.

Nobody knows what they were doing in Africa for sure.  They certainly did not "evolve" there. Working on the top secret Neanderthal-killer research using genes collected from the locals? Possibly. Or perhaps something else that we will never know.

Perhaps they were support staff on the massive nuclear reactor in Gabon in the Oklo mine down in Africa which just "built itself" with plutonium it just "sort of refined from uranium" and then sort of "dropped it in core rods to generate electricity" using water that "just happened to be pouring over the top of it for coolant" but only first after "making sure it ran at the exact same frequency with the same wattage output" for a million years or thereabouts. It "just happened" like cloned cheetahs with identical cellular tissues.

I like this picture because instead of showing melonheads standing over slaves with lightning bolts and whips it just shows them leading some antlered mammal forward while he placidly follows them. You don't normally encounter depictions of melonheads as simply people engaged in pastoral pursuits with animal husbandry so this picture is quite unusual.


styrac said...

Loren Eiseley mentioned them:

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Hammerhead people huh. At the very least, they were not the most talented of beings, artistically. There is BTW this feature i have wondered for a loooong time in the ancient buildings. While some of them are (or some features in them) computer like in precision, accurate really well done and all the angles n whatnot, straight. And then there is something really really sloppy, in the same building or piece of art or whatever. Puma Punku is a good example, unbelievable work and total shit basically, at the same time. The simplified answer would ofcourse be ; they are from different times and by different people, but still...

Texas Arcane said...

It is possible the Chad artwork was just painted by a local who saw the Melonheads from a distance. They seem a bit ominous in that picture somehow, perhaps it was forbidden to approach them any closer than this. In any event there is no reason to assume that the melonheads painted themselves here. If it were Neanderthals who painted these I think it would be a better grade of artwork, it is quite simple. Most of our 12 year olds could do as much.

Life, Love and the World as it really is. said...

"It is possible the Chad artwork was just painted by a local who saw the Melonheads from a distance".

I agree with you Tex, this painting was captured from a distance.

Before somebody brings up the "they used their imagination to create these walking things", you have to remember that imagination is a luxury reserved for people that have everything they need and are not fighting for their lives, everyday.

The lines, shading, colors and angles of perspective of the Chad artwork remind me of the Lascaux cave paintings. Time frames be damned they look eerily similar.

Mike in Ca.

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

They must have really been in to Heavy Metal !!. ...get it :> horns, head banging, weird clothing n sheeet.

Ps. fyi, this is a joke.

styrac said...

Was Malta a breeding camp where Neanderthal women were being held captive? (As testified in the Epic of Gilgamesh and numerous other ancient sources?)

"Fat Lady" shaped megalithic temples and figurines in Malta, dating from the same period and context with that of the serpent priests' skulls:

These temples were constructed in the shape of the "fat lady's" body. The entrance to these structures (encampments?) was made through the structure's "vagina", a symbolic representation perhaps of what was actually taking place inside the structure. The shape of the chamber right after the entrance could also allude to the womb.

Here you can see two large temples side by side, each representing a woman with enormous breasts and thighs, hugely fertile.

Interesting detail:

"Inside the temples, there was usually a large stone bench, big enough for a person to lie down on. There are at least two figurines showing women lying on such stone benches (as if they are sleeping or dreaming – or having visions or out-of -body experiences?)"

What was taking place in those benches had nothing to do the activities mentioned in this article. These were the benches where sex/rape was taking place.

Interestingly, ALL the distinctly male figurines discovered represent men with broad shoulders and narrow hips (Homo Sapiens) and are in clear contrast to the plump female ones.

And what's with the heads of the Mother Goddess figurines missing? And what it has to do with the "Squatter Man" petroglyphs appearing on all continents around the same time as if synchronized and right after the occurrence of a global event that took place in the sky?

Texas Arcane said...

Styrac -

I knew about this allegation and have been thinking and reading up on it.

Makes it an even more horrible locale if this was one of the activities occurring there.

styrac said...

After having read all this stuff here about melonheads and neohybrids watching this scene from a "fictional" account examining the context surrounding Akhenaten's birth and reign just sealed it for me:

Women with her genetic make-up and personality traits must have been in short supply around Akhenaten's time, when the dynasty was making a last ditch attempt to preserve their genetic heritage, and it's no wonder that she was picked up to provide the heir over the narrow-headed dull sapiens hags who were available in plenty.