Monday, August 27, 2012

You Don't Have Leaders. You Have Owners.

Ron Paul will never be allowed in by the RNC, it doesn't matter how many delegates he does or doesn't have. What people are seeing is naked corruption of the political process to thwart the will of the people. They are desperate because it is becoming rapidly obvious that the people are not allowed to elect anyone unless they are first vetted by the vested interests. Ron Paul was never vetted by them as acceptable.


JimBob said...

People are just crops to these people. Crops in a field.

Chris from Sydney said...

"Canadian Maria Pantazopoulos, 30, was taking part in a new trend in bridal photography known as 'trash the dress', where brides destroy their dress as part of the wedding celebrations"

For generations woman have carefully boxed and kept their wedding dresses as a sacred reminder of the vows taken

Apparently no longer, anyway this woman died because she wanted to break with long standing custom.

Tex wrote once that anybody with an IQ less then 120 should just adhere to the traditions of our ancestors and that way they won't get into any trouble.

Good advice, and she should have taken it (although I'm inclined to blame the husband for allowing such stupidity to occur)

I find the symbolism of this event to be intriguing

It seems a fitting summery of a society that places, a 'fun' and 'bubbly personality' over the ability to actually think.....

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Again i have a question not related to this particular post, but here goes : How much has your bunker cost you so far or how much you would estimate such a construction costs ? One day it would be cool to have my own.

JimBob said...

Demopublicans (I'm done voting....)

Texas Arcane said...

Chris from Sydney :

I saw that story and felt the exact same way.

What kind of sick woman wants to trash her wedding dress? What, is that part of the gender war? If you're at war with men and marriage then what in the hell are you doing with the dress to begin with? Protect the gene pool and don't get married or have children.

Really, it is amazing what people get up to when they break away from the traditions of their ancestors. She ended up killing herself trying to be trendy and trash her own wedding dress. Call from Charles Darwin on Line One.

Texas Arcane said...

Pohjoisen Natiivi :

With equipment I reckon about $100,000 or so. Resale value is about $10 or less and you'd probably have to get the buyer drunk first.

styrac said...

This is what happens when you take a holy ceremony like wedding and turn it into social show-off affair. It results to an obsession with pictures to give it celebrity status. Once you're past that point in self-worshiping and narcissism there is no return and the dozens of photos she had already uploaded could never be enough in the cesspool of human vanity called facebook. There always has to be more.

JimBob said...


Wow, just when I think people can go no lower, they surprise me.

Just remember folks, this woman and people like her, are allowed to vote. If that fact doesn't scare the hell out of you and convince you to build a vault, nothing will.

JimBob said...

This confirms what I always thought about liberals.

hitfan said...

"Just remember folks, this woman and people like her, are allowed to vote."

Well, dead people can't vote :)

I understand that a society in decline occurs when the immoral start to outnumber the moral population. But the upside is that once you stop caring and just letting the morons indulge in self-destructive behavior, they can no longer sustain themselves.

Liberalism is basically parasitism. The harder conservatives fight to conserve the status quo, the longer that liberals can continue to suck at the teat. You can kill off liberalism a lot faster by providing no countervailing force against their stupidity. We already see this in the case of white flight as Detroit and Atlanta die off.

The elites are only allowing voter ID laws to take effect because the electoral maps of the past 20 years show many parts of the country as bloc votes for the cultural Marxists. Bush won in 2000 and 2004 by the skin of his teeth. For Romney to win now, he needs 61% of the white vote.

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Wow, i see. Not for the broke then and that re-sale value thing is pretty sucky. One has to be very shure of the location before starting to build one. Good luck to you with your bunker and watch out for mould and stuff.

JimBob said...

hitfan said...
"Well, dead people can't vote :)"

They were allowed to vote, before their stupidity killed them. No need to point something that obvious out Here. Vault Co ain't Facebook. ;)


The fundamental problem I have with democracy, is the majority of people really are that stupid and democratic leaders are not screened for stupidity or insanity.

However I would support the concept of democracy, if the concept of Responsibility was introduced.

Agitation to change a country, should be a vote for self deportation to a destination, that most resembles the one you are agitating for.

Ever heard of a Commie agitator living in a prosperous white country, volunteering to live in a hard core Commie country? I haven't.

Ever heard of a white multiculturalist agitator, volunteering to move to Africa, to live as an equal with Africans? I haven't. These people always live in nice majority white neighborhoods.

Responsibility is the cult killer.