Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Isn't A Grand Minimum

 But it might as well be.

All the things I have read lately indicate this is a Maunder Minimum and it is going to last a little longer than the Little Ice Age. It may start to clear around 2250 A.D. or thereabouts with a return to warmer temperatures.

From what I have seen it looks like after it abates 250-300 years from now there will be another agricultural boom for a couple hundred years followed by another more severe minima. This will be one cycle prior to a return to a Grand Minima. So I've been worrying about snowball Earth scenario for over a decade because I did not quite have as much information as I do now.

It's a Maunder Minimum which we are already in. The coming solar max is the peak of his warming cycle signaling it's end. This will be sufficient to pound our existing civilization to dust. No saving throw. So collective and group efforts are pretty futile unless they occur at community level.

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Eric J. Brooks said...

The real test will be the path of global temperatures after this max. That's when ocean cooling should get nasty, the Gulf Stream current split in two, with the Arctic/Antarctic Oscillations breaking out of their polar domain.