Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Truth

The truth will set you free.

I knew all this three years ago. It is presented here in an easy digestible form.

The last two sentences are the most bone-chilling terrifying ideas that were probably ever written in English.

It is not enough to understand the genetics. You have to understand the implications.

Once you know where the genes come from you can say it with confidence.

Homo Sapiens will never be able to maintain these genes the way his breeding strategy works. This is purely a temporary phenomenon for him. He is destined to return to the mud where he came from. This is only a brief respite for him from the miserable bleakness of his existence. He got some magic genes but just like in a fairy tale they cannot stay. They are not his to keep. The changelings have to go back to the changeling world when their time is up and they will leave him alone with his worst enemy when that happens - himself. His natural state is a filthy debauched rapist and cannibal monster. He was never a dreamer by firelight and he never had any magical goodness inside of him. His nature is mean because the spirit of God was never with the children of Cain.

Abel was a herder who found favor with God. He was slain by his brother Cain, a child of the Devil.


Ave said...

Of course you knew that three years ago - the article is from 2008 !


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Congratz sir, i guess. Ya worldview is coming online /getting lift !! Here is an article you might like.

njartist said...

very interesting.
These same skills transfer over to the humanities.

AfterLife said...

heres a idea. The choices a person makes changes his genes. Those who do whats right in gods eyes will develop different genes than those who do whats right in the eyes of others. Its a choice. as above so below. Your spirit effecting your genes. The "enlightenment (repentence) could have physical changes as well, changes in genes. The reward of doing good good in gods eyes and having faith are a positive change in genes. The punishment of doing evil (cain) could mean a negative change in genes. We chose the pool we swim in.

live and learn said...

And by the way, this has nothing to do with skin color, but with intellegence. I do not believe the two are at all connected. Skin color is a product of environment, not conduct. The products of conduct manifest inside a person.

Eric J. Brooks said...

I'd have to completely agree with the bone chilling conclusion. The best is being bred out of the human race while the worst multiplies like mushrooms...

Eric J. Brooks said...

I have no doubt that socialization/social skills is a metaphor for easy to control, enslave or deceive.

The best is being bred out of the human race, the worst multiplies like crazy. It has been going on for a long time.

JimBob said...

"Johannesburg - Cadet pilot training course applications from white men are no longer being accepted by South African Airways (SAA), it was reported on Friday."

This is what happens when you throw your country away, by inviting in cheap non-white labor, like the whites did in South Africa.

Never forget, labour votes.

Texas Arcane said...

JimBob -

Watch for a lot of crashing planes in South Africa soon. I would bet that fatalities will increase 1000% shortly.

I am sure you heard about the affirmative action program for Air Force One where the pilot actually flipped the plane upside down accidentally while Bill Clinton was onboard.

JimBob said...

"Watch for a lot of crashing planes in South Africa soon. I would bet that fatalities will increase 1000% shortly."

"South Africa's fleet of attack submarines, which cost an estimated R8-billion in the infamous arms deal, are all in dry dock after the only operational vessel crashed into the seabed."


JimBob said...

And get a load of the guy that crashed the submarine.

Commander Handsome Thamsanqa Matsane

Texas Arcane said...

Oh and if it sounds like the article was daring and bold remember they are still not talking about the most important facts of all in the matter.

Nature magazine would not touch the most sensitive parts of this story even as a conversation alluding to something. These facts cannot be printed anywhere.

That stuff, you probably don't even want to know. I've talked to boots-on-the-ground people on the internet who begged me to never ever divulge any of this or it would destroy their careers in 24 hours. It makes Homo Saps look really, really bad the more you know. Really bad.

For example, to produce the genetic profile we carry, they don't want you to know that most of the Neanderthal women died after being gangraped during their first pregnancy (RH-) and then their daughters from these unions were in turn converted to camp whores who successively were less likely to die from their first pregnancy as they were hybridized. It gets so ugly you don't even want to know.

Remember, Neanderthal was the melanin challenged one. After all, he survived snowball Earth, he'd have to be. Sapiens/Cro Mag were otherwise.

hitfan said...

"The future belongs to those who are willing to get their hands dirty".

The European settlers in the Cape colony sealed their fate long ago when they used Africans as cheap labor. Before they arrived, South Africa was sparsely populated. Sounds quite familiar to what the plantation class in Dixie did by importing slaves from Africa. Ancient Egypt and Greece, also suffered the same fate.

The Republicans might like getting the votes from disaffected whites, but they will do absolutely nothing to stop the influx of cheap labor from Mexico. Because the business class WANTS things the way they are right now. They can afford to insulate themselves from passing the cost of importing the dregs of society onto the plebes. Why do you think there is no Section 8 housing in Malibu?

Romney needs 61% of the white vote to win the election. He needs Reagan '84/Nixon '72 landslide numbers among that demographic just to get on an even keel with a foreign Kenyan.

I find it ironic that the Republicans are being allowed to pass voter ID laws lately. It's as if the business class has just recently noticed that large swaths of the country are Marxist voting blocs. At some point, it gets harder and harder to outvote big states like California and New York when you need to win ALL of the swing states. Especially when the swing states are becoming browner and browner. And Obama won Virginia and North Carolina -- states that used to be considered reliably "RED".

The morons of the business class are getting hoisted by their own petard--they helped create the very situation without thinking much about the implications. They never thought that the coolies they enthusiastically brought in would actually turn around and vote against them one day.

They need whitey's votes, because whitey is the only swing voter out there. It would be quite easy for Romney to win 70% of the white vote--even in New England, he'd just need to go full-on Sailer Strategy mode by simply campaigning on pure populist ideas (like vastly restricting immigration, canceling the H1B program, abolishing the TSA). But the ones who are really in control (you know who) would likely get rid of him quite literally by character assassination, or figuratively (if the bad press or the classic honeypot tactic fails).

Campaigning to lower taxes for the top .01% isn't going to move voters much in your direction.

The likes of establishment internationalist conservatives like Cameron, Sarkozy and Romney are the real useful idiots. Or as Lenin said, "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

njartist said...

What you are suggesting is that there was a deliberate program of genocide and hybridization hundred of thousands of years ago: someone had to have an advanced knowledge of genetics in order to plan this: your thesis is pointing to the fallen angels who did experiment with DNA in order to create the Nephilim. In time, you are going to have to shorten your time-line considerably.

Are you able to provide some hints to sources, perhaps a Google keyword?

njartist said...

This indicates that the horrific rape and child-birth deaths may not have been so widespread.

styrac said...

It was Jose Ortega y Gasset who said that each period favors a particular type of male and female as the average type that will get married and produce offspring. Particularly since matrimony is numerically the most important form of relationship there is a preponderance of one type of woman that is more likely to marry than another. In our age it is the bungled and botched that are favored to spread their dysgenic existence on to the next generation, when at the same time those remaining few with surviving Neanderthal genes end up alone and unmarried. It's as if nature has decided to get rid of Sapiens by giving him too much of himself.

styrac said...

PS: "As does the individual, each generation reveals in the choice of its loves the undercurrents which give it form. This is true to such an extent that one of the most instructive avenues for assessing human evolution would be to attempt a history of the feminine types which have successively been preferred." - Jose Ortega y Gasset

Lugh said...

Interesting question: could a civilization be very advanced in one way but not in another? Biologically, but not in terms of our technology? Of course how do we know they weren't - an ice age can hide many things. Perhaps the old Indian tales of "vimanas" or flying cars are correct. And the Rakshashas could be the Melon Heads.

Melonhead said...


Did you see that Paabo published a new paper?

John Hawks has commentary,

Hawks seems to think that Paabo's paper is mostly correct, except for the part where he concludes that Asians and Native Americans have the highest Neanderthal gene percentages.

And, interestingly, they both seem to be approaching your theory that moderns violently displaced Neanderthal populations.

Hawks also interestingly comments that African gene diversity might result from a bunch of small homogenous populations later intermixed and got some Neanderthal back-breeding. It is almost like he is saying that there were a lot of small experiments until a good long-distance, spear-throwing type was discovered; and, that those groups later had back-intermixture from archaic captives...

Try any of the following terms: Oannes, Titanomachy, antikythera mechanism, Baghdad battery, history of sintered metal, Baalbek, lush Arctic, Minoan plumbing, technologically advanced ancients, Lonar crater, Sinai nuclear explosion, sunken city cambay,, Marc Andreessen ning egg head.

People have existed for a long time, and some of them were pretty clever.

Texas Arcane said...

styrac -

You can understand the Neanderthal female mind by considering that these females were intelligent enough to gauge worth in mates, not just submit and bare their haunches as do the apes.

The type they came to prefer was the best type of male in every way. They were self-effacing and gentle when inside the walls of the village and outside it they became the most violent and aggressive defenders of their loved ones you could possibly imagine. They were not simply marching to chuck spears. If you threatened the Neanderthal family they would simply kill you without any regard for protocol.

This strange quality blend of gentleman and warrior is what many modern women pretend to want but it isn't. The worm has turned genetically and you are now getting a cascade of crappier and crappier mate selection with deliberate selection for inferior genes.

Conceding to multikult is a failure to protect one's home. It is a sign of inferiority in a male. Conceding to a genocidal agenda proves Sapiens genetic strategy doesn't work for picking the best males, the ones who will protect women and children. Multikult is just another example the demonstrate modern males are subgrade bad selection as mates. They fail at the most basic calling of the male.

Texas Arcane said...

Melonhead -

I would say the evidence is overwhelming because of the strange intermixtures they find in very, very low numbers way too sparse to form a breeding population. It is nearly impossible to avoid the conclusion somebody was workshopping these genes to get a good spearchucker with just the right slant to their character and makeup before setting them loose.

The recent discovery of the super genetic virus that nearly wiped out the 'Thals shows that they had tried other approaches with disappointing results. Since this is also around the time of the eruption of Toba it is difficult to say for sure just what in the hell was going on during this period including the genetic bottleneck. Trying to shrug all this off as an extension of what we already knew is silly, it is obvious everything we thought we knew say thirty years ago was completely wrong.

Texas Arcane said...

I know it may overcomplicate this subject but is it possible that melonheads were fighting a pitched battle (even nuclear?) between their own civilizations and what triggered the Neanderthal extinction drive is that they took sides in this conflict and started to march with another army somewhere?

styrac said...

The quoted author proposes that, although the workings of nature ultimately remain a mystery, this indifference of (sapiens) woman towards what is best is the role assigned to her by nature as to be the retrogressive force that prevents the male (Neanderthal) restlessness and tendency towards change and innovation from becoming dominant, therefore acting as the stabilizing force and allowing society the time to settle and utilize the existing male inventions without constantly seeking new ones. As if her role is to keep mankind within the limits of functionary mediocrity and never allow man to become a demi-god or an overman.

styrac said...

Sydney Anglican Church is accused of "misogyny" by feminists.