Friday, August 31, 2012

Smoothie Guzzler Falls Off Roof Accompanied By Violins and Sad R&B Ballads

It's all the fault of you heterosexuals!

UPDATE : Lavender Jackboots of the Gay Gestapo Crushing Free Inquiry and Human Freedom

Of course, their suicide rate and life expectancy is only a fraction of that of normal people even before AIDs struck. But if they did die, it's all your fault! You made his loafers so light they floated right off the rooftop!

If two narcissists are in the forest and a tree falls on one of them, can anybody hear them cry? Only if they do a sappy YouTube video. It's going viral! No really. That is a truthism of sorts. I just know those crocodile tears in this video are so genuine. I bet you really, genuinely missed this guy ... for about fifteen minutes. Kind of like Dr. Evil talking about being inconsolable for twenty minutes if something happened to Mini-Me, then just making another clone to replace him.

I am not the first person to observe that it is really not the right to be married that is sought here. It's the right to get married, in public preferably, with one of them wearing a veil so they can mock the world around them which is basically their entire raison d'etre. Gays don't want to be married, that's a drag. They want to party and howl and be free to act on all impulses. I would bet you anything that not long after gay marriage is shoved through they will be making it easier than ever to divorce your spouse, preferably through a one-hour online application for $5. Now it's off to the rave to celebrate being single again! Wheeeeeeeeee!

You can have a nation based on the nuclear family. Or you can have this. If you have this, you won't have it for very long before it is replaced by something or somebody else who has their priorities straight.

Hey gays, if you are so worried about right and wrong, you should make a sappy video for people like us with Asperger's. We've got a suicide rate about ten times yours and nobody ever weeps for us. I'm sure with your intolerance for injustice you'll march right into the studio and start cranking out ridiculous propaganda like this on behalf of all us Neanderthals. If anybody deserved violins and slow dissolves it is us. You didn't know all this, did you? That's because Neanderthals are tough as hell and we never let anybody know what kind of pain we have. We were never looking for pity the way you and your kind are to manipulate others into doing what we want. Neanderthal is a strong creature with or without his tribe and he will be until the end of time. I guess that's something we have inside that you don't and never will.

If you doubt this video's authenticity or question it's origins, it probably means you yourself are gay. There is another video linked from this page that explains how anyone who opposes their regime is themselves gay. Wow, I wish I could say that about anybody who ever stood in my way politically. Adolf Hitler should have told the Allies, "You are only opposing me because you are gay." It's the all-purpose answer to any question concerning sodomite politics.

Remember when you think of sodomites, Barack Obama wants you to think of him


theepilgrim said...

When people say "it's not a choice", it implies that we as humans don't really have free will--we're essentially just preprogramed bots, living a predetermined existence.

That being the case, you can't really get upset with the State for taking away what you never had. No wonder leftists are so gungho about this "issue": It's not an attack on marriage, it's an attack on free will and personal responsibility!

Of course, many of the same people who believe "it's not a choice" also believe in the 'blank slate' as a justification for social engineering and expanding the powers of the State...a prime example of statist doublethink.

deadman said...

Four words :

Two guys, one horse.

- deadman