Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Smear and Slander Campaign Begins On Abbott

The shadow government has spoken.

Time for the hive to attack.

Tony Abbott has a problem with women? Hey, what a coincidence. We've got a woman who is a real problem.

I would like to see Tony Abbott throw Julia Gillard into a woodchipper after making a suitable pithy action-hero comment about her hair. If this is a democracy then the people have spoken.

Her puppeteers know the hag is completely used up now so they are going to start to focus on her possible replacements, attempting to smear them with whatever baseless slurs they can dream up and put into print. Tony Abbott makes people nervous because he is a simple bloke with a simple way of speaking. You can vote for whoever you want in our "democracy" as long as they are candidates first vetted by our elites and part of the vetting process means making sure that all candidates talk confusing, empty jargon without ever saying anything. This means Abbott is not on their list of acceptable quislings.

I can understand Abbott and so does the rest of Australia.


Chris from Sydney said...

And yet , Tex after all you just said why do I get the feeling that Tony Abbott isn't going to end 3rd World immigration to Australia if he is elected ?

Why do I get the feeling that he's not going to implement a massive public works program funded by a public central bank that builds underground shelters for the Aussie people to survive nuclear war ?

Why do I get the feeling that despite the 'Australian citizenship handbook' stating that all Australian citizens have a duty to defend Australia, that he's not about to re-establish the service rifle club system to encourage civilians in skill at arms with modern military rifles ?

Why do I get the feeling he's not about to end 'Diversity hiring policies' in government agencies and private business, and end 'Aboriginal Identified Positions', neither will he be opening up some of those 40,000 unfilled jobs that were created for Aboriginals under the 'Australian Jobs Covenant' to White men, or end 'hate crime' legislation that places White sexually normal males on the same level as medievel peasants to be beaten with no real consequences ?

ALL 'sides' are headed the same direction, the only choice is how fast it takes to get there...

But you already know that, to me it's 'Aliens versus Predator' both sides are bad, but it's entertaining to watch them go at it.

For contrast, here's Hitlers views on woman. When I find myself agreeing with Hitler it a sign that things are definately wierd in this country

Matthew Richter said...

Why do I get the feeling he is incapable of recreating the good old days of Howard and Costello.. Chinese check points, three to five min of 'where are you going, what are your intentions', it's all kosher, just set your alarm 10 min earlier.