Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shelter Super Weapons On A Budget

Been wondering if this was possible for a while - this guy built one of the most powerful MASERs ever on a shoestring budget with spare parts! While eggheads argued over dialectics, this guy rolled up his sleeves, dug in and built one with surplus!

No moving parts. No ammo to reload. Nothing but electricity and will fry an egg out to a kilometer in a couple of seconds.

This is what you want for those VOS Turrets. Zero maintenance, ready to fire in milliseconds, no recoil, no brass to expend. Bookmark this idea.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Hello Arcane. Another question 4 you since you mentioned the "Fukushima windstream." I have been meaning to ax you : what is your view about, how safe is Asia to travel in at the moment ? Cos i have the chance of going to Shanghai this Christmas and i´v been wandering amongst many other hazards, if there might be some nuclear fallout, residue ..stuff. ? Shangai is awfully close to and kinda "downstream" from Japan / Fukushima. ty


I have a site for you, Tex:
Information Unlimited
Check out the Phasor Pain Field Blaster.

In the 1970's, Popular Electronics had a kit advertised for an "Ultrasonic Pain field Generator". A friend bought the parts kit, and I etched the board. When it came time to test it, the S.O.B. aimed it at me and pushed the trigger.

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

O_0 there seems to be no answer here to my question !? How can this be !