Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reprint Of Bizarre Fortean Phenomenon

This is still such an incredible story it is difficult to even understand what is going on here.

My father worked at some mines in West Virginia for Dow Chemical. The locals often spoke of discovering passages in coal mines that looked like they were cut for little people to run through. Every once in a while somebody even reported seeing one of these little people coming or going. Some miners said that after blasting they had sometimes found what were hairless monkeys with strangely human features in the rubble and the company had told them to keep it under their hat. (Environmentalists would have shut them down and they would never be permitted to mine there again.)

The Cherokee believed there were little people running around underground all over North America.

Some people have suggested that when they find bones of these creatures that are recent, they get rid of them by pushing them into the past so far they cease to be a threat to our orthodoxy.

It is possible that the biggest problem for scientific advancement is that every time we discover something really interesting, we also discover that we cannot accept this new paradigm because it destroys so many others we will lose our bearings given what we currently believe.

I'm not saying I really believe in the Little People. I'm saying the story above is literally weirder than most human brains can even absorb in it's implications.

These aren't water channels. They show signs of being dug by hand or with stone tools. The question is who dug these out and why.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Those caves in the first link could just be made like that for humans, even if they are a bit small. It´s simply easier than making much bigger ones !. But anyway really interesting stuff that little people thing. I´v read many many stories about them amongst other Alien / Humanoid sightings and i atleast want to believe they are real. On an unrelated side note ; them "greys" could very well be sub-terranean beings, judging by their looks. 1.Big black eyes
2. Pale white skin.
3. Frail bodystructure. Just a thought. Over n out.

PrairieSage07 said...

When I was in Mexico back in 1994 I went to the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. The guide told us about small tunnels that ran under them. Built to a scale for "people" about 14 inches tall. As evidence that they were not water tunnels... the tunnels had small sections of stairs.

Personally I belive that the Bible is the story of Adam's race and other races are mentioned in passing. The Bible does not show that we are the only living things in the universe. It is the story of one race and one planet.

Hermit said...

Clyde Lewis at Ground Zero" has been talking about these guys for a while. I only ever listen to his show in the car, so I haven't been able to catch much about them, but very weird indeed.

Texas Arcane said...


I am 100% in accord with you. The tragic thing is that you know Christians used to burn people like us at the stake for even suggesting such blasphemy, right? Things have improved nowadays, they usually just have us committed.

I see God's presence in that fact that all these races of men have existed of various heighths and builds and natures and you know what? God judges them all according to the same standard and they cannot achieve salvation on their own. I think whether you're 12 inches tall running through an underground tunnel or an 8 foot tall melonhead, God will reveal your works at the judgement, whether they were bad or good. These are all breeds of men who have lived here.