Sunday, August 5, 2012

Open Discussion In The Stain Of Making War On The Citizens Themselves

Interesting stuff the U.S. Government works on nowadays - if they worked as hard at defending the country from threats outside it, we might not have had 9-11.

Using taxpayer funds to discuss how you will exterminate taxpayers. That's why we call it Kwanstainia.

Notice how the Constitution and Posse Comitatus have gone out the window along with the rule of law.

A nation with an average IQ in double-digits cannot maintain the rule of law. Period.

This stuff has lost the ability to shock us. We are no longer surprised at anything these idiots do.

What would really be justice is for ZOGBux to collapse at the end of this year. Awesome. That will be the end of the evil empire. They like to pretend they can make people accept their monopoly paper as money but they can't. A printing press is just a printing press and shortly there is going to be laughter at what has been rolling off of theirs. It would be the best solution for the evil empire and the easiest road for the rest of the world if they slide into a genteel poverty from which they never recover. It will be best long term for the planet and everybody in it. With the end of this paper tiger many millions of influential people will start to think about it all for the first time in their lives and plenty of people are bound to reevaluate everything they believe to be true. The curtain has to lift and everybody has to see the pitiful little man behind it who pretends to be Oz The Great and Terrible. These are shabby, sorry little psychopaths who will never do the right thing and kill themselves unless they are forced to look into the mirror at their own hideous reflections. They are monsters by birth and it needs to be made so obvious that nobody can deny it anymore. That all begins with the collapse of their fake money power.


jim said...

Agree. The Constitution is only effective if people understand their roles in regards to the government and the power they have over it. And since people are effectively retards yet are allowed to vote without so much as one iota of a civics lesson in mind, there is no political solution.

To sit here an listen to a Pelosi outwardly tell the nation that a bill has to be passed in order to find out what's in it without shame, hesitation, or fear of a backlash is indicative of how weak the populace has become.

JimBob said...

Attacked By "Tolerance"

The true face of the left. Unreal.

Civil War with these people is inevitable. They are the kind that started the first one.

Rowan said...

Is this your Russian cousin Tex?