Thursday, August 30, 2012

Naked Political Corruption In Kwanstainia

U.N. Oversight For Corrupt U.S. Regime!! These Elections are RIGGED!! 

Note that the result of the vote in the speaker's response was already in the teletype reader before the vote was taken!!!!


JimBob said...

From another video I saw, something that really stood out, was how OLD their supporters were. They looked like they had been wheeled out of their nursing homes for the day.

By comparison, the Ron Paul supporters looked young, energetic and idealistic. Without these young people doing the hard work of campaigning on the ground, the GOP has no future.

You just witnessed the end of the GOP. It was the final nail in the coffin and they hammered it in all by themselves, declaring victory!

njartist said...

In all likelihood, Romney will win in a landslide - it will not contain my vote: I'm out - despite this; for most voters are politically and economically uneducated: all they know is that they are getting poorer by the week; liberalism is the majority position: "conservatives" are just last decades liberals.

JimBob said...

"In all likelihood, Romney will win in a landslide"

"In ‘The New Math’ Ronald Brownstein once again rehashes the dismal future of the Republican Party (see TOO articles on Brownstein and the racialization of American politics). This time he produces an exercise in number crunching showing why 2012 may be the last election in which White (read non-Jewish, European-derived) voters can determine who will be the next President of the United States of America."

Bob Whitaker calls what is coming, The end of White Supremacy. By that he means, whites will be shaken out of their complacency, when they realize they don't call the shots anymore.

elderleaf said...

Excellent video. With evidence like that, it makes me feel ashamed to think that there are people who watched Romney's speech on the Tee-Vee Screen and decided to vote for Romney based solely upon his words.