Monday, August 20, 2012

Modern Medicine Is A Baby-Grinding Abattoir

This is becoming a very common type of genocide in the Kwanstain. Doctors tell parents it is time to get their child vaccinated. Their child is permanently crippled/killed/rendered brain dead. Authorities tell police it could not possibly have been the vaccine, parents are prosecuted for child abuse. So we could say doctors are so monstrous that first they murder the children and then they murder the grieving parents or send them to prison for the rest of their lives. Life under Stalin in the Soviet Union was a picnic compared to this hellhole.


styrac said...


Tony Scott wasn't just any director, but someone who was full-time employed by the US military industrial complex as well as the Hollywood industry to glorify through his movies the US war agenda, just like his more well-known brother, Ridley, whose movies also serve as a means to communicate and condition the dumb masses to the Illuminati US-globalist agenda, as with his latest lame attempt at film "Prometheus". Both have access into insider info of what's really going on and I wonder if he knew something he wasn't supposed to or it was a warning to other parties (his brother perhaps?)

It is also interesting, and probably somehow related, that his latest project "Coma", produced jointly with his brother, is a TV series that treats the human body (and therefore man) as nothing more than meat whose ultimate purpose is to be desecrated and dissected as if it was nothing more than cattle in the slaughterhouse and this, for those in the know, is one of the cornerstones of the Illuminist ideology-religion.

In any case, there is more to this "suicide" than being told.

JimBob said...

I read an article last year, or the year before, by an anon Hollywood insider. She said everyone in Hollywood is living off the money they made in the 1980s and 1990s, and because of poor sales in the last 10 years (Internet?), they are going broke.

Of course in public, they are behaving like they are prosperous, but many are declaring bankruptcy and are moving in with friends, to sleep on their couch.

So it wouldn't surprise me, if Tony Scott went bankrupt and couldn't deal with the big step down in social status. That's the way suicides like this usually go.

JimBob said...

They are saying Tony Scott had inoperable brain cancer.

Texas Arcane said...

JimBob -

Great minds think alike. This is exactly what I told my wife last night about Tony Scott. I told her the parasites in Hollywood are drying up and dying, that everything is a charade and a front. They pretend to be just peachy keen and living a glamorous life and behind the scenes it is dog food and garbage bags in a shopping trolley.

I asked her, "Why do you think that television now is nothing but a crew of Oscar winners from the 1980's? They can't get work in real movies! People who were making a million a picture ten years ago are now in sitcoms and CSI just to make ends meet! If Laurence Fishburne is jumping at a chance to do television what do you think is happening to the ten million B-grade actors who are further down the the rung than he is?!? These people are dying behind the scenes, literally descending into poverty. If Oscar winners are fighting over sitcom slots, imagine how tough they must be doing it back behind the curtain.

marlon said...

The family is saying Tony Scott did not have inoperable brain cancer.

Who knows? Guess its wait and see what the final story will be.

marlon said...
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