Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kwanstainia : 3000 Mile Wide Bosnia In The Works

It is really tanking now. A lot of people hanging by threads don't even have threads anymore.

The guffamint keeps up with the yada yada yada and it's all just blather and hot air. Marxists can't make things better. That's why they embrace Marxism. Everything they touch turns to crap and then they tell you a longwinded story about how it's just your perception that needs fixing. You aren't eating babymeat, they explain. That's high grade protein in a form our ancestors would envy and we are actually better fed than any generation. The chocolate ration has increased and we also have choices and freedom means being able to choose between different consumer goods on offer as opposed to doubleplus ungood non-freedom. Imagine a world where we could only use one brand of soap made by Proctor & Gamble pretending to be different brands of soap. Oh wait. Anyhow, shut up and eat your babyslice and soylent green biscuits.


Rowan said...

This article is like catnip for Tex.

Note: It's 3 pages long, gets better near the end and some of the comments are worth reading.

Texas Arcane said...

Notice how if you were going to engineer a custom Neanderthal exterminator, the rhesus monkey genes are irresistable for their complex social function and hieriarchy regulators. The highly individuated Neanderthal, too powerful as individuals to have much of a need for central authority and a command structure, versus a mindless regimented army of spear chucking zombie primates completely immune to sanity or reason. Rhesus monkey genes would create the perfect death machines.

I thought of this first about one month after Paabo-Stoneking was publicly debunked in May 2010.

Mex Arcane said...

Millions in federal funding to upgrade security at 21 "mostly Jewish" preschools around Australia.

Obviously your own childrens' lives are every bit as important, so their taxpayer funded security improvements will be coming along shortly. There will be no need to dredge up this point if a shooting ever occurs at one of the gentile preschools that did not receive this special federal security upgrade. None whatsoever.

"Regrettably, incitement to racism is becoming more not less of a problem, often hiding disingenuously behind the mantra of free speech."
I like how this chap speaks plainly and with respect for our country's democratic tradition, without any calculated sub-communication or thinly veiled agenda. That's how you know he's a decent human being :)

pinhead said...

If I may....."